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    My very first 240Z from 1971 bought in Holland in start August 2017
  1. Headlight covers

    I have a set of headlight covers, the ones with the chrome bezel. Now, I need to know which way would be the best way to install them? self tapping or should I tap a tread? I would prefer the last solution? How did you do yours?
  2. Hooking up hazard switch

    Thanks.. I have 2 plugs in the hazard harness, so the other one goes?
  3. Hooking up hazard switch

    Once again, I need some help... I received a hazard switch, and need some help or a diagram to connect it to the existing harness?
  4. accelerator vs headlight....?

    Just installed the HLH from Dave, an easy fix and instant improvement....
  5. Antenna Switch

    Cool, I´ll try that...
  6. Antenna Switch

    Ok... I have 3 wires going to the switch, blue (power) blue/red and blue/white? I have only 2 wires going to the antenna, blue/red and blue/white. So if I´m not mistaken, the blue (power) only powers the relay inside the switch? At this point I used an aftermarket power antenna, but I tried to connect it as described in a earlier topic?
  7. Antenna Switch

    I know this could be just another question about the antenna switch, but exploring the hidden corners of my new car(240Z, 1971), I discovered that the antenna was an aftermarket non electric.. I found a automatic, and hooked it up as described in another topic, but activating the switch, the antenna goes up but won´t stays up? I have only 2 wires in the back for the antenna, so I had to connect a wire to the blue plus.. So, I might have a bad switch or the automatic antenna, does not work as it should? Any suggestions? Or should I try looking for a new switch, NOS antenna?
  8. accelerator vs headlight....?

    I just asked them, if they could ship it to Denmark... Thanks for the advice...:-)
  9. accelerator vs headlight....?

    w3wilkes... 2 minor cracks, hardly noticeable.... No; I bought it in Holland, about 1200 km from where I live...
  10. accelerator vs headlight....?

    esmit208, Thank you.. Yes, the previous owner, a gentleman from Colorado, have maintained it through the years, which I benefit from now. I will let it stay stock looking, but... the entire undercarriage will be taken apart, bead blasted, powder coated, upgraded with poly-bushings, bearings front and rear, adjustable dampers, lowering springs, brakes front and rear with steel braided brake-lines.. Maybe some 15x7" wheels...
  11. accelerator vs headlight....?

    Thank you... I will look into those recommended upgrades, asap... I´m pretty green, as this is my very first Z, but not my first classic, having 3 others in my garage, so I´m pretty confident with future work on the car... Yes, the color is stunning, and was one of my demands when I started searching for a original car. It has one respray made years ago, but kept in the original color, its not a superb paint job, but pretty good 2 feet of.. I think a clay-bar, wet-polish and a 3 step buffing, will do some magic.
  12. accelerator vs headlight....?

    It´s the same problem on early Porsche´s, so a relay like that seems like a good investment, Thank you guys...:-)
  13. accelerator vs headlight....?

    Siteunseen, Thank you... I will try that. Here is a couple of shots..
  14. accelerator vs headlight....?

    Hey Guys Just got my first Z (240Z 1971) a very nice car, and after just 15 miles, I´m sold... I discovered that my headlight and gauge light are following the revs of the motor? Alternator issues or?
  15. Dan Hansen

    Dan Hansen