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  1. Steering shaft is rubbing

    Thanks everybody.
  2. Steering shaft is rubbing

    I was hoping that was all I had to do. Is there any sequence I need to follow to rotate the rack.
  3. Hi folks, I have a stock 1972 240z and the steering shaft is lightly rubbing against the drivers side motor mount. All suspension is relatively new, motor mounts were replaced, the rack and pinion was replaced with a rebuilt unit from CA. Datsun. Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.
  4. 240Z Carburetors /Air Cleaner Connections

    Thanks everyone great help.
  5. I’m reinstalling the stock carburetors and air cleaner system on my 1972 240z. Does anyone have a picture of where all the air cleaner connections go. Not sure which ones I need and which ones can be caped. The car no longer has any smog equipment.
  6. I'm about ready to install a new gasket on my intake/exhaust manifolds and I'm looking for some opinions about the use/need for some kind of high temp gasket sealer.
  7. 72 240Z Carb Heating System

    Thanks, I had the same idea and sent them an email earlier today. Hope they can help.
  8. I've decided to rebuild the carb heating system and I'm in need of a few items. The PO had left both ends of the tubes unprotected for many years and they were completely blocked with years of gunk. Does anyone know where I can get replacement nuts and o rings for the tube that runs between the two halves of the intake manifold. Thanks
  9. [SOLD] 72 240 OEM Steel wheels

  10. Removing the carburetor water cooling lines

    I think I've been talked into keeping the water lines going through the carburetors. I have the intake off and there isn't any flow going between the two halves of the intake. It looks like the tube that connects both halves is plugged. Is there a way to clean/unplug that center tube. Do I need to remove it, can it be removed without damaging it.
  11. [SOLD] 72 240 OEM Steel wheels

    Added additional photos.
  12. [SOLD] 72 240 OEM Steel wheels

    SOLD!!!! I have a set of 4 OEM steel wheels from a 72 240z. They all have the same ID stamped into the wheel 1-72 5JX 14S (see attached photos). Looking for best offers. Rims can be picked up in San Diego, all shipping cost will be the buyers responsibility. I'll only charge what it actually cost to ship them. All rims look good just a little dirty. Henry
  13. Removing the carburetor water cooling lines

    I'm going back to the original SU's from Webber's and though it was a good time to remove the carb lines. The original thermostat also no longer works. I live in San Diego and only drive the car in nice weather so really don't need the heat.
  14. Have a question about removing the carburetor water cooling lines from my 72 240. I’m planning on plugging the holes in the intake manifolds, my question is about the rest of the circuit. Can I just block the lines where they come out of the block or do I still need to connect the lines together that go around the outside of the block. Thanks
  15. 72 240Z Carb Spacers

    Nice catch Captain, I stand corrected I need the "seven" hole spacer.