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  1. Ads appearing on top of content

    I guess this hasn't been fixed?
  2. Size? Fuel Line Replacement

    I used 5/16 on the line from the tank to the fuel rail. 3/16 on the return line from the fuel rail to the tank. What's the possibility that you have the lines on the fuel rail reversed? Seems like if these were inadvertently reversed it would cause all kinds of engine run problems.
  3. Size? Fuel Line Replacement

    If this is the return line from the fuel rail I used 3/16 as I stated in the prior post. The supply side (where the stock fuel filter is) is 5/16.
  4. Clutch master cyl replacement problem

    This one from MSA was a direct swap and perfect fit. I also replaced the slave at the same time. If you do the slave make sure you get the correct one. The stock '71 has an adjustable plunger and return spring. KEEP YOUR SPRING, it's no longer available. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/21-2091 http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic22b01d/21-2101
  5. Does that get added to the bid price or does BJ just skim their 20% off the bid price?
  6. Worn out key re-cut

    David Lee Roth was the lead singer in the band Van Halen which is named after its founder(s) - Eddie and Alex "Van Halen". David Lee was the singer on Van Halen's #1 hit "Jump". Edit: Sorry this is so off topic from where the OP started.
  7. I had the same glitch and so I took the screen snip from it that I posted above. That's where I got the $40,700 figure, right off the listing I posted.
  8. That just seems odd. I would have thought that if the car sold for $37,000 Barrett-Jackson would take their 10% from that amount and the seller would get $33,300. Wasn't aware that the buyer had 10% tacked onto the price they bid for the car?? That just seems wrong, but what do I know! Seems like all other transactions like this work the way I think they work. Picture a Barrett-Jackson car selling for $250,000 that also has a reserve where Barrett-Jackson ups the anti to even more... That adds over $25,000 to the price. I guess if you can pay $250,000 then the tack on is just chump change.
  9. Interesting. The wife and I went to Barrett-Jackson last year (2017) and didn't see a single Z or ZX car.
  10. Looks like it's had the alternator upgrade, can't see the voltage regulator and the fuel filter appears to be mounted where the regulator would have been. It's missing the fresh air ducts from the radiator mounting panel to the front fender wells too.
  11. When I first clicked the link it showed $40,700 for this 240Z. It now says "register to view price". Here's a snip I caught of it;
  12. FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    I noticed this was posted up yesterday (Jan 16, 2018) on facebook. Appears to be the Series 2 240Z dash. Free shipping for pre-orders placed in the next couple of weeks. No word on Series 1 240z or other Z dashes. https://m.facebook.com/groups/327981873903624?view=permalink&id=1563738396994626&rt=11
  13. New Air Cleaner

    I picked up the air cleaner from MSA and it is VERY LIGHTLY oiled. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic17a02e/11-3023 Had to drill my own holes for the valve cover breather line and carb vent hose. The valve cover breather fittings are all AN10 fittings. There's a hollow tube that my friend Dan built that is epoxied in the valve cover elbow and goes into the AN10 male adapter that we cut one side off of so the nut part would be flush against the elbow.
  14. New Air Cleaner

    I decided I liked the look of the big itg air cleaner over the little Ramflo's I was running. I never liked the look of the air filter thing on the valve cover so I decided I'd run it kind of like on the stock air cleaner. I also did the carburetor vent lines into the air cleaner. Here's some pics of my new air cleaner and new plumbing for the valve cover and carb vents. The valve cover will be redone black with the ridges and Nissan OHC polished or maybe red to match the car.
  15. Hmm... What's in common to all those circuits??? Maybe the combination switch on the steering column. You didn't mention turn signals, do they work?