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  1. Looking for a 240Z

    When I originally posted , what I listed as the VIN # I found out was actually the engine #. Is there a source where I might be able to get the VIN # based on the engine #.
  2. Looking for a 240Z

    I'm looking to buy a 240Z and have been checking different web sites for a vehicle. I came upon this forum and hopefully someone can be of some help as to what I should be concerned about in finding a decent car. Secondly, I bought a brand new 1971 240Z when I was stationed in Okinawa. I had it shipped to Philadelphia when I was discharged. I recently came upon the original paperwork for the car, VIN L24-027948. It was the mustard-yellow color. Can someone tell be the correct paint code and name for that color? Is there a registry for the 240Z that I might, in a long shot, track down the original car? ellagee@charter.net
  3. studegard

  4. New to the forum

    To gwri8...... yes it was. but at this point in my life I'm more interested in getting the car back .... more dependable.
  5. New to the forum

    Wow! Lot's of good information and certainly quick responses. I'm located in south central Michigan, close to the Indiana border but I'm willing to travel for the right car. I don't mind doing a little bit of work on a car but no major projects. I'm thinking that probably a $15,000 to $20,000 range is where I'm at. The car I had was the mustard - yellow color ( maybe someone here knows the correct color name or paint code) with a black interior. Sure wish I had the original VIN number, but that's long gone. Does anyone know if a car delivered to Okinawa would have a unique VIN or other identifying markings.
  6. New to the forum

    Just signed up to the forum. I'm starting to look to buy a 240z and would like some advice of what to look for. I bought a brand new 1971 240Z in Okinawa in the spring of 1971 for $2950.00, no sales tax, and had it shipped to the US for $125.00. My girlfriend ended up with the car way back then. I lost track of her and the car. I'd like to find the car.. Well maybe not that car but a similar one. What does a "series one" refer to? I came across that term recently in my search.