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  1. Your case is a bit different....The bank could have easily pay off the storage fees and kept the car..you got lucky.
  2. To all those who are ignorant with the law: A.possession is 90% of the law, as long as an item is not stolen it can be sold (or given away) by the possessor. in my case I purchased it fair and square. if in doubt feel free to call your police department and ask. B. Google "title recovery services" yes, there is no lack of them in any town USA. C: here is an example, a car was left on your property (lets say apartment building) you call the local towing service to have it removed, the towing company liens it and sells it to the next owner, done everywhere everyday since cars were invented...where is the problem? how do you know that the car YOU own has not been impounded and liened? maybe you need to find the owner and return it to them? How silly is that?
  3. That's one good buddy...$100 is what the lien sale service used to cost..
  4. Called the dmv and they are no help, basically whoever (the property owner) where the car was left has to go to court and have a judgment to declare the car "his" However...I did talk to a friend of mine that happens to work at an impound lot, he said no problem, $500 and you will have a title within 90 days...thinking about it...
  5. I imagine...that's what a bill of sale is for... I'll call Carson City in the morning and report my findings.
  6. Found something interesting at DMV.ORG "NOTE: If your vehicle is more than 9 model years old, has no current liens, and was previously titled in Nevada, you don't need a title certificate to sell it."
  7. This is the story I got, Is it true? who knows. the car was sold to me as "for parts" no title" if I am to seek title...I'm on my own. Cap, I'm fully familiar with lien sales (did more then a few in the day), however...I don't have a shop and I know of no one that will do it for me. For now...parting it out is off as I'll be looking for ways to title it first, if that fails...its back to plan A
  8. According to the person I got it from...it belonged to his brother in law, his sister got it in the divorce and he disappeared with the pink and keys never to be seen again.as in parts unknown.. its a nevada car and yes..I'd say it qualifies as abandoned. PS as it wasn't registered for over 10years its no longer in the dmvs computer.
  9. The cam is a 276 duration by Camonics, The head is ported and polished....nothing is wrong with the header. Thee only part I'll need is a $20 head gasket...hopefully.
  10. I just picked up an all original unmolested complete 77 280z 5 speed (will be taking possession on Sunday) Very straight and rust free, it been sitting in a backyard for over 15 years, a lot of the paint has peeled/peeling and there is very minor surface rust here and there, too bad as this car it totally restorable...but there is no title and no way to locate the registered "owner" so it will go for parts. Willing to cut off and ship body parts such as the roof, core support, back end ect. Hit me up at tzagi1@gmail.com Pics will be available next week.
  11. Radiator got checked by a local shop...get a clean bill of health, tried the block test...sure enough turned yellow in aprox 20 seconds of hot running. I guess sitting for 20 years didnt do the hg any good. Off with her head then!
  12. Electrical hack job, no brake lights.

    1983 harness in a 73?
  13. Hold them horses.....one disaster at a time.
  14. New key by code in glovebox

    This tool might work, however it applies pressure on the panel at a very narrow point, a putty knife is over 1 inch wide and distributes the force at a much wider span minimising the (chances of a) tear of the cardboard backing.
  15. New key by code in glovebox

    A: taking the door panels off (safely) is easy when you have the right tool. I made my own from an old putty knife (usually found for about $1) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000I1QDXO/ref=s9_acsd_top_hd_bw_b2Jv8_c_x_1_w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-3&pf_rd_r=0F7VACMJWG5DZ41ZDW01&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=19eb82ac-7329-55fe-a9fa-fa56c65208c0&pf_rd_i=553234 Take it to the bench grinder and cut a v at the edge, takes seconds, now take it to the bench vise and bend the end at 45 degrees. now insert the knife under the panel, get the v to bottom at the xmas tree...pop! Works perfectly without destroying the brittle cardboard. B. If we are talking about the door locks on the 77 and you have to fight with the key to unlock the door...try this. the lock attaches to the arm that fits in a square hole, fatten up the end that fits in the hole by gluing some vacuum tubing on it, worked for me.