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  1. I had a similar problem with my cummins when I replaced the injection pump, the key tends to move (pushed back) when the sprocket is inserted, the solution was using some retaining fluid (locktite) let it dry a bit and install sprocket, worked like a charm.
  2. I . the key is available at any Nissan dealer for like $3, Tell them its for a 300zx 2. A new alum radiator(3 row) is like $125 delivered to you house, cheap insurance, a bad epoxy job will result is a head gasket job(or worst), not worth the risk.
  3. Interesting...going by the (msa) pic its identical to the one I got from O'reilly's...except the price is over 4 times as much.
  4. Today I had the very dubvirus "pleasure" of replacing the clutch master on the 71, The old one ( marked Nibco Japan and I believe it's the original, For a fact it wasn't replaced at least since the very early 90's )started leaking from the back. Picked one up from Oreillys and pulled the master out, compared the 2 and there is a significant length difference between the two.....the original is about 3/4 of an inch longer. So I need to swap the shafts.....but I got no snap ring pliers on hand, went to a local oil change shop and one of the techs graciously let me use his. Question is...is this a fluke or all the clutch masters sold today are like that?...wrong out of the box.
  5. The turn sig flasher in on the steering column, the hazards flasher is above the pass side kick panel.
  6. Hazzard/turn sig flasher
  7. Removing the carburetor water cooling lines

    Normal, run a rod thru it and knock out the blockage, finish it off by spaying some carb cleaner/ compressed air.
  8. Running hot no circulation...Help!

    I'm sorry but that is incorrect, very based on my experience today shoving the garden hose into different orifices (get your mind out of the gutter)watching for flow. when the hose is spraying in the lower hose water comes out from the center , when its sprayed in the upper hose it comes out from the bottom left (the one that was clogged). of course the 2 are bypassed by the heater hoses and the manifold that feeds back to the thermostat housing.and it can get a bit confusing. Think turbo, the inlet is in the center, outlet is on the side.
  9. Running hot no circulation...Help!

    The big round hole in the center is the inlet and it was free and clear, the outlet is on the bottom left of the pump,(looking at it from the front). it's not very big, about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.
  10. Running hot no circulation...Help!

    Care to clarify? sorry, I don't understand your question.
  11. Removing the carburetor water cooling lines

    You can delete it if you want to...just keep in mind there is zoro benefit. common sense says it will become more cold blooded. I'm in vegas and are tuned relativity lean due to elevation, once warmed up its perfect, yet its still relatively cold blooded. drivability greatly improves after 5 minutes of driving (or so).
  12. Inspect for a cracked boot between the afm and the tb, black silicone works wonders.
  13. Running hot no circulation...Help!

    More like dumb luck, I would never have thought to look for it...."antifreeze pertification", phrase coined.
  14. Running hot no circulation...Help!

    That is it, problem is solved. took it for a drive and the temp refused to even reach half, let it idle for an extended period and the temp stays at half solid (its a sunny 70 degree day) time to drain, flush reinstall thermostat a/f and heater hoses. then continue to finishing the a/c. I been working on cars for over 30 years (about 10 of that professionally) never seen anything like it , couldn't even imagine that it could happen. To future generations: if your car overheats and acts as if the thermostat is not opening WITHOUT a thermostat check the water pump passages for blockage.
  15. Running hot no circulation...Help!

    I believe I found the problem! The outlet passage on the w/p was completely plugged up with a yellow/green substance, I'm assuming dirt/rust mixed with anti freeze. Poked at it with a screw driver and a whole bunch of very brown water came out, finished cleaning with a stubby round brush. Time to put er back together.