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  1. Website Improvements July 2017

    Mike I see the new system doesn't number the responses now. It's impossible to reference a previous response by the number if you don't have the number. Thanks!
  2. Website Improvements July 2017

    Mike I noticed you have Bender back. Also where is your and Conedodger's boob thread?
  3. Modern Car Stereo Receivers

    26th-Z, the JVC you mentioned is a double din radio according to Crutchfield and they say it doesn't fit. I am a novice on the newer radios, Now if they were a 70's or 80's radio, then I never had any problem installing those. But alas, that was 30 plus years ago. any help you could give me will be appreciated. Thank you. By the way I have a '77 280Z.
  4. Fatal Error, Forbidden?

    Nah. just honest.
  5. Electric Servos Instead Of Vacuum Driven HVAC

    I am interested also.
  6. I worked as a Quality Control Technician in an OEM exhaust and muffler factory ( Arvin and later ArvinMeritor) and have seen mufflers not properly spot-welded and the internals coming undone, usually operator error or spot-welder improperly adjusted.
  7. Thinking about installing an BMW M6 engine in my Z

    Looking good,Grannyknot! I am curious whether Fastenal has kits already made up for are Z's or do you have a list to share? Curious minds wish to know.
  8. Bad Dog Parts Frame Rail Contest

    Do you offer any thing for my '77 2+2?
  9. Dang Sean, I believe I may have been more patience for longer. You didn't offer me a substantial discount. Hey guys, Sean and Zstory have a great header/exhaust system.
  10. Z-story exhaust on a stock 240

    7tooZ, you will like them. I bought a set last year.
  11. Datsun 240Z 1972 Restomod from Germany

    Sehr gut! Ich hat Deutsch im Hochschule und an der Universitaet studeren. Ich hat im Deutschland beim Frankfurt am Main gewohnnen um 72 bis 74. Keep up the good work!
  12. Spirit Garage vs Fujitsubo?

    seanz@wanadoo.fr is Sean Dezart's email of Zstory and stainless headers and stainless exhaust fame. I ordered both from him. He was a supplier for Zcardepot. also.