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    1970 240Z numbers matching & original, 1971 240Z L28ET Widebody
  1. Rebuilding The Nikki Fuel Pump

    I'm interested in the answer to this as well. Anyone break down a Atsugi pump to verify the style?
  2. Mint "D" Style Hub caps

    You did a fine job! It's always a lot of work when having to recondition the entire car. Perhaps we can meet up this summer and you'll allow me get a closer look and do a photo shoot.
  3. Mint "D" Style Hub caps

    She's a beauty, I can't say that I've seen her around here or on the street. Whats the history on this Z?
  4. Mint "D" Style Hub caps

    That's all it takes, just finding the right buyer. Congrats!
  5. AdreView

  6. Mint "D" Style Hub caps

    I was very lucky to have found it locally, 45 minutes away from my place in Chicago. Been looking for an original, unmolested, numbers matching Series 1 for about five years and after losing out on several to other buyers I jumped on this one. Check the last message I sent you on Ebay, this is a continuation of our convo from there
  7. Mint "D" Style Hub caps

    Marty, I found you here thanks to EhlersRS. Totally agree, original low mileage take-offs exhibiting near fust-free condition are difficult to source. I typically see rough covers for sale, or units similar to Roberts for sale. If I was going to restore my '70 I would be all over these, unfortunately I would also have to source the original 4.5" wide steel wheels plus a new set of tires....a significant investment when everything is considered. Here is the current state of my '70, equipped with rare 6-slot aluminum Universal brand wheels and BFGs.
  8. 71 240Z @ CA. Estate Sale

    Comes with a model kit too!
  9. Need some invice on my 78 280z..

    Thanks for the update, I'll have a look in your other thread.
  10. Need some invice on my 78 280z..

    Did either one of you guys figure out this cold starting/sitting for a few days issue?
  11. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    So clean! What brand/type of black colored coating are you using on the lines, brake components, etc.?
  12. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    Interesting, even on their website they post pics of the kit with mismatched hardware: Front Big Brake Kit (stage 3) - Brake Upgrades - Datsun 240z - Datsun
  13. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    I see you retained the original sound deadening around the transmission hump, are you planning to remove this or just keep it as its a rare rust area? Did you have any rust issues or worn out wire harness ties that run above and along the engine bay frame rails? If so, how did you repair/replace these? I know its not going to be seen or affect anything, but I see Silvermine sold you a pair of brake calipers with mismatching hardware, is this normal for them? You've accomplished a great deal in a short time, keep the updates coming!
  14. Tuning 40 DCOE Weber 151 on an L24

    Oh, there she is. Thanks for the link. So I'm new to the tuning of Weber carbs, actually just bought a set of triple 40 dcoe with Cannon manifold. I just happened to catch a episode of Wheeler Dealers where they tuned a carb'd Lambo with this at idle to match airflow: Air Flow Meter Synchrometer - Dune Buggy Parts, Sandrail Parts, VW Parts - MooreParts.com Has anyone used this unit or similar?
  15. Tuning 40 DCOE Weber 151 on an L24

    Where are you sourcing (for purchase) the Keith Frank optical float gauge?