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  1. Facebook vs Forums

    Same goes for me.
  2. Series I cars

    I wonder if the original owners of both your cars simply bought aftermarket A/R bars from the same mail order operation. You've reminded me of the two big sportscar accessory shops in Toronto back in the 1970's. One was called Piranha Motorsports . The other was R&R, or something like that. Both benefited from large sums of hard-earned money I pushed across their counters.
  3. Series I cars

    Topic: Relevance and usage of 'Series 1' vs. 'Series 2' vs. 'Series 3' definitions --- Jaguar E-Type vs. Nissan/Datsun S30. Discuss.
  4. Series I cars

    Ha! Zkars has opened an entirely new can of worms, that being the really early Series 1 cars. Shall we call them the Series 0.5 cars? They deserve entirely separate consideration. New levels of minutia beckon (and I have a list).
  5. Series I cars

    I am an incurable keeper of notes and lists. When I bought my 70 Z a few years back and starting researching my 'refresh-toration' project, I started to keep track of all the big and little and obscure changes that I found others had discovered over the years. The list I've ended up with is longer than what I've seen others publish. But I think everything on my list is verifiable. And I may have missed several items, too. Do the differences really matter? Let the market speak, I say.
  6. So, growing consensus (4 owners!) that bolts, not studs, are correct for the top row of manifold fasteners. Now the still-unanswered question: Why?
  7. Series I cars

    Here's my list of items that changed from Series 1 to Series 2...
  8. It's about the only way to do a decent paint job. Too many nooks and crannies otherwise and v. difficult to spray the slats properly because they mask each other. Reassembly's actually not too hard, other than needing to use care not to scratch your new paint when fitting the slats into the slots in the vertical ribs.
  9. 240z Rear Beaver Panel

    Check out the website for ZeddFindings (Kingston, Ontario)... http://www.datsunzparts.com/products.html Charlie Osborne offers the lower valence panel for C$189 + shipping. ZeddFindings has a great reputation and has been in business for decades.
  10. How Do I hate Rebuilt Components? Brake Booster

    Hey Captain O -- I've got a new way for you to hate remanufactured parts: Yesterday, while trying to install the rebuilt mastervac booster that I'd bought for my car (a Cardone unit, purchased from my local NAPA outlet), I discovered that the metric mounting studs (8x1.25) had been replaced with 5/16-24 SAE items! The first signs of trouble were when the metric nuts would start on the stud threads but then jam. At first, I thought maybe the stud threads were gunked up with paint, so I pulled the booster out of the car and tried to run a die down one of the studs, just to clean up the threads a bit. When the die wouldn't start easily, I started to get suspicious. I grabbed my thread gauge (metric) and discovered that I couldn't get a match with either the 1.25 or the 1.00 pitch. Then the light-bulb went on! How close are these threads? So: On diameter, near enough as to not matter. On thread pitch, though, they're close enough to get things started but far enough off to chew things up if you go beyond that. I'm just glad that I didn't get impatient and try to force 8mm nuts onto those studs. Oddly, the studs on the other side of the booster (that mount the brake master cylinder) were left as metric. Go figure.
  11. Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    When you get the opportunity, take some pix of your new system when the car is up on a lift. I'm sure we'd all like to see your muffler guy's handiwork.
  12. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Who did you source the clamps from? (I can't read the tags in the photo -- looks like just a bar code).
  13. It's not. I came from the western US.
  14. My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    OK, thanks. I have a similar tumbler that I bought from a USA-based online supplier, Eastwood. They offer a few different types of media, including the green pyramids. I'd just never heard them referred to as a Delfir-chip, and a google search on that phrase came up empty, too. I've had 'ok' results with mine. It doesn't perform miracles, but it's a lot better than a wire wheel (ouch!) for nuts and bolts. The green pyramid media doesn't last forever. They're made from plastic, of course, and the sharp edges wear off over time, diminishing their effectiveness. They do seem to have a remarkable facility for getting (firmly) lodged inside the threads of certain sizes of nuts! I've often wondered whether a real tumbler (i.e. rotating 'can') would do a better job than these vibratory machines. I haven't seen one being offered for sale from any of the suppliers that I deal with, but I think they're available from .
  15. Rear spindle removal

    If no one comes up with a loaner, I noticed that Zcar Depot has added a spindle-pin puller to their catalog. Look under 'Tools'. No CZCC member reviews that I've seen yet, so all bets are off as to how good it is.