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  1. Hi all, I've searched various z forums and haven't run across anyone with experience with this wheel issue so here goes- if anyone has Enkei 92s 14inch with 15mm offset can you let me know if you needed to use any spacers to prevent the wheel from rubbing on the strut or anything else on a 72 240z? Thanks, Lisle
  2. enkei 92s that will fit 240z

    Email sent, thanks a lot. My # is 203-980-1391 if we could talk I can call you at your convenience.
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to source 4 black mesh Enkei 92s for my 72 240z and it seems that the only ones available readily in 15x7 have an offset of 38 which doesn't fit. Why then does Enkei tease us with this sort of ad when it appears these wheels won't fit? If anyone has ideas about how to source these wheels I would be most grateful. Thanks. Lking240
  4. contacting sellers through classifieds

    that worked, thanks
  5. Hello, When I try to contact sellers in the classified section, the following message appears: "Only registered users can contact sellers. Please so that you can safely contact other users." However, I'm a registered user and when I click on register, it tells me as much. Any thoughts on solving this issue? Thanks, Lisle
  6. that's great, thanks for checking. I think I'm going to ask for a refund or at least exchange for something else, then order the 2 from MSA so that at least I'll have the same manufacturer for both.
  7. Thanks again. Do you remember if yours were the "former" or "new" style. I think I have a case for an exchange or return because as I understand it, both should be the "former" type, but the ones I bought although labeled for 70-76, are of the "new" type. Very interesting re: the VINs. How did you know that? The registry?
  8. Thanks for your reply. I bought it from Redat on Ebay. He sells a ton of z stuff, has been ok in previous purchases, but I made the mistake of not calling around first...The description was they would fit between 70 and 76 but now discovering that's not the case. Lesson learned... Call to MSA was separate, after I discovered the cylinders were different. I've attached a pic of the ones I pulled from the car. The two I purchased are both like the one on the left. The "New" design according to description in Humble. I think I have a case with getting a return on both as from what it says in Humble, prior to 9/72 the "former" design was used on both. I checked with the guy I bought the car from (second owner) and he said that he never modified them. I suppose something might have happened to the left one that lead the original owner to modify. Thanks again.
  9. meant to attach page from Humble. The "former" design is on the right wheel and the "new" is on the left. Brake Page from Humble.pdf
  10. Hello all, I've been lurking for a year or so since I bought a 2/72 z and I've come up with a question that after searching the site don't seem to see an answer so sorry if I missed a previous post that answers this. The issue is I'm replacing the rear wheel cylinders and the rear right is of a different design than the rear left. I Humble's book he says that the design was changed in 9/72, but he doesn't say that this change was specific to only one side. The person I purchased the new cylinders from said he never heard of just one side being different. MSA said that the rear right is different so I'm just doing a bit more due diligence to work this out with the person I bought the cylinders from. Thanks,