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$0.00 per year

Our site will always remain free for anyone to browse the site and participate without paying.  However, in order to help us pay for our services, we offer subscription packages or opt-in advertising.  If you aren't into paying subscriptions, it's ok because our free account will open up nearly all club benefits with just a few ads thrown in.  Here are the benefits of a free registration:

  • Participation in all areas of the site (except private areas)
  • Ads placed strategically but not annoying
  • Unlimited Garages to show off your cars
  • Forums reflect your membership in all your posts
  • Download files to help with your car
  • Discounts from our partners
  • Post ads in our classifieds
  • Upload to our gallery
  • Write a blog about your car adventures
  • Post events in our calendar
$5.00 per month

With a Mad Max subscription you will have all the benefits from the free account but the advertisements will now be suppressed.  Here are all the benefits:

  • No hassle, auto-renewing subscription
  • You will be added to the Subscribing Members group
  • Your username will be highlighted
  • Your account will reflect participation in subscriptions
  • Google ads will no longer appear on every page
  • Special access to private areas of the website
  • Additional discounts from our partners
  • You will be listed as a supporting member in our membership roster
  • Your money will be used to support our cause
$10.00 per month

With a Daily Driver subscription, you will receive all benefits from Mad Max + these extras: 


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