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  1. Tragic loss for a car guy! Freaky circumstances. Good the impact occurred as it did. 70's design technology puts us all at risk when we venture out, all of a sudden I'm feeling better about my cage-protected 240. Here's hoping there's another brilliant Z in your (very near) future!
  2. Zed, my newness to this had me calling the half shafts stub axles, my bad. Here's a link to the solution I was looking for. Thanks for your comments. http://alteredz.com/280ZCVHalfshaftConversion.htm Is all the associated work necessary, from a mechanical perspective I think not, it's a "want" of ours though so we'll make it happen.
  3. Thanks Zed. Both are r200's, both 3.54 gears, was looking at gaining the advantage of the later (83) style style stub axles. Maybe not worth the fuss but figured someone more experienced than I would already know the how-to conversion answer so I could be better educated...if indeed this full rear end swap is technically possible as a bolt together (with adapters) change out.
  4. I have an '83 280ZXT drive train complete that I'm planning on retrofitting into a '77 280Z. Does anyone here know how to adapt the 280ZXT rear-end into the 280Z? I have so far pulled the complete rear end (diff & stub axles). Will the stub axles connect (via some sort of adapter) to the original 280Z hubs or must I adapt the 280ZXT hubs to the 280Z suspension? Thanks much!
  5. My interest was in collecting the OEM colors (chips) for reference. I had a small project where the availability of very-good color references would have been helpful, but it was not critical. I'm not color replicating for a car-repaint so haven't gone the paint shop route. It had seemed that with all the energy perviously extended by others in the Z-world that a collection of accurate samples would have made it into electronic format by now but it seems not ... if I do come across good representations I can share then I will make them available through all our normal Z channels. Best Wishes ... Mike
  6. tamboozle, I was not able to locate a definitive photo array of early Z colors in electronic file fashion. However, to your question regarding 'orange" as an OEM Z color, the '75 280 in the photo at this link http://www.zccr.net/main/modules.php?name=gallery2&g2_itemId=446 belongs to one of our club members...it's original as-painted by the factory. Other years had similar colors.
  7. Thanks, I had seen that site, there's so much variance in the colors there that I'm hopeful there could be a better/truer collection of colors available. Seems perhaps an original Datsun brochure may be my best resource ...
  8. I'm looking for a site or file which would have actual color chips or accurate (not perfectly accurate obviously) photo's of the original Datsun Z color's. Have tried searching the web for early OEM brochures, have tried several paint sellers sites, all to no avail. Googling isn't getting me anywhere. I'm not looking for a perfect color match to paint from, just a very good representation of the colors to get a good feel for their original hue. Specifically most interested in 240 colors, and Series One colors would be ideal initially, but all up through '78 would be of value. I have Carl's paint codes & color names, am looking to match up the "chips" with those codes. Started searching this sites Body & Paint threads, but it seems I could go on forever on a page at a time search without getting to the info I'm interested in :)perhaps there's a way to search here more efficiently? I fully understand no electronic file will give me a perfect match - but perhaps there's a source for some pretty-darned-good samples! Much Appreciated, Mike
  9. Gentlemen, I too have danced with this seller. As we would have said back in the day "he's a real piece of work". You can call and start the conversation, then he proceeds to dart to his own personal choice of topic and he keeps moving like a chrome-plated ball in an old style pinball machine. This wiZard takes great satisfaction in moving from tumbler to tumbler scoring points in his head until he's literally interrupted by the callers blunt intervention. There will be no straight story garnered over the phone or in email. I have to say that an in-person visit by a well informed Z-guy would be the only means I can predict that would allow the most basic of facts to be identified & confirmed. (maybe there's a smart Z-guy laying in the auction weeds that's already gone to that trouble). That old axiom "let the buyer beware" holds true to the max with this scenario. I too have an interest in the '69 vintage cars, and launched into conversation with the seller about as soon as the car hit eBay - wow, all I can say is that he helped me complete a 75 mile drive without the need for a radio for its duration (thank you GMC for that fine hands-free-while-driving sound system). No-one here has gotten the most basic of facts solidified, so how can the vital yet subtle 69-unique parts be confirmed to be present? Let's be careful out there kids, there are solid citiZens in the Z-world, then there are fast-buck Freddie's cruising around the edges! If you're a Z-guy you've got a wealth of friends to back you up, use them, call them, whatever you decide in this case let's keep the Z-community strong, prosperous & honest. I personally appreciate all your comments and opinions. Best Regards to one and all! PS. Regarding price, his comment to me was "I just saw a '72 sell at auction for $12k, this garage find of mine has got to be worth even more as the 231st ever made...I got it for doing handyman work for the p.o. (worth $4500 or probably even more), I bought a couple missing trinkets for it, my guy can patch the floor rust for 600-800 bucks, I HAND-rubbed out the paint (the value of that alone is huge he says), my wife and I are in trouble, I'll use the proceeds to buy a honeymoon cottage in the U.P., I'll never sell my Harley no-siree ever, I bought and polished some must-have wheels, my motor guy would have bought the car in a flash (paid him $2k for that 95,000 miles used engine he put in it kinda just like the miles the siezed one had on it), I cleaned the gas tank myself so I know there's no nothing inside, by the time I add up all my personal labor (did I mention I painted the guy's house and worked on his kitchen and ...) I couldn't take less than $11k, might bring twice that at auction ... all without taking a breath
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