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  1. It worked. Thanks! I removed the small hoses under the float, drained what was in there (not good), and used the wee red WD40 stick to poke at the floats. Sure enough one of them was stuck. After one false start, then letting it sit for a couple of hours it's now running. I can tell it hasn't for a while so tomorrow I plan to let it get all warmed up. Anything to know about running one of these that's sat without running for around 2 years?
  2. Thanks. Is there any way to unstick short of tearing them apart? Z Therapy sent me these carbs (years ago)
  3. I finally got this sorted out. The fuel in my tank was basically varnish so I drained it, then blew compressed air back down the fuel lines to make sure they were clear. I put in fresh gas and was able to get it started. It limped along for a bit. Clearly I'm getting fuel no problem now. But now there's a new problem. Once it's running it doesn't take long for fuel to start dripping out the bottom of the air filter. It seems fuel is coming out of the carbs into the filter. After about 30 seconds I figure there was 1/8 to 1/4 cup of gas on the garage floor. I have no ide
  4. Thanks folks. Yes, 14160 is firewall stamped. I just dug through my files and found the VIN that was on the door when I bought it: HLS30-0003137. The Arizona DMV took the car into their secret inspection garage when I was getting it titled, presumably to inspect it for stolen stuff. It passed that but they removed the door VIN plate and replaced it with a state issued VIN. I've been under the car plenty and didn't notice any obvious splicing. Regarding pictures I've got plenty in my gallery: http://www.classiczcars.com/user/9108-ddezso/. Admittedly old and some that document the work
  5. I am looking to sell my 1971 240Z but am having a hard time coming up with an asking price. I've stopped paying attention for a long time to what is selling. I've had the car here in Arizona since around 2005. I hope you guys might have some advice. First, here’s the story of the car as I know it: I bought it around 2005 from an ad online for around $4,500 sight unseen from a guy in Chicago. The car was built in late 1970 but is a model year 1971 240z. Once I got the car I set out to find out when it was made using the VIN numbers. The car had one VIN inside the door jamb and anoth
  6. Thanks. I'll have a go with these ideas tomorrow and report back.
  7. Hi there. I used to be active in this forum ages ago but three kids in a row took me out of the Z Car scene for a long time. I've got a 1971 (build late 1970) 240Z that a few years ago I had running in top order. The last time I drove the car was over a year ago, and after that time (started right away and ran great) I failed to start it for 9-10 months. A few months ago I went out to start it and it just wont fire up. I am not at all a mechanic and know very little about cars sadly. I just love Z cars since I got my first when I turned 16. Anyway - the car has a fresh new battery, it
  8. I really need to get my fuel tank pulled, cleaned, sealed, new sender unit installed, hoses etc to stop some leaks and bad smells. My main man Gary from Spanky's has moved to Texas. . . . Is there anyone out there in Phoenix who can recommend someone good to work on my Z? I really don't want to get into pulling fuel tanks apart.... Thanks
  9. My Dad used to play me his records when I was a litle kid. I am really sad right now.
  10. And for the record I got a radio from Baddog about 2 years ago.....
  11. The best Z guy in town is Gary Meekins at Spanky's Auto. He is the nicest and most helpful guy ever. http://www.spankysautobody.com/
  12. Wish I could get out. It's 70 and sunny here in Scottsdale but I've been stuck with a fever > 102 degrees for three days now. .. . Wish me luck!
  13. Nonsense logic. An irrelevant coincidence.....
  14. it'll be 90 degrees where I live tomorrow - I think I'll go for a spin...
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