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  1. Thanks guys you were spot on : )
  2. Hey guys, Anybody know the standard master cylinder bore size that was on '73 240s? R
  3. Anybody know a good place around Melbourne for interior parts for the 240- I'm on the hunt for a dash cover but after that I need new locks, a new center console and possibly some outher little nick nacks, Any advice? R
  4. Fixed. Had, after a bit of problem solving ( thanks to the above posts) and auto electrician come round. In, like four seconds he stripped the wipper motor down cleaned all the conections lubed it up- found the problem a fused (melted swich in the relay)chucked it all together again and was off an hour latter in a puff of smoke. Done for half the price of a new motor. what a guy - now for the locks, drivers door hinge and time to find a new center console. (if anyone in Melbourne Australia knows a good place for spares drop me a line) R
  5. News so far Had a look, the fuse was gone, but on testing ~ 30amps was gaoing through there so I guess that explains that- I bridged the fuse and tried again- no joy, no noise of anything from the wipper motor. The dude that was with me was thinking a short in the wiper motor or something- but confidence levels are low as far as this guys is concerned. I've (from last post) a pal coming round tonight and I'll give it anouther shot.
  6. Thanks guys, I've got a mate coming round tommorow to give me a hand- what with me being useless and all, and, since I've got the day of-we'll have a nosey around and see whats going on. I'm a bit inclinde to think it might be a mechanical thing, since they kinda drew to a slow freeze rather than just cut out, but hopefully I'll find out tommorow. R
  7. Ok so I've had my 73 240 for a week now- the first problem, a fuel leak proved to be no big deal, and took seconds to fix- happy me, untill..... For gawd knows what reason, my windscreen wipers have jammed- one second they're doing fine, then they slow then- stuck. Wont respond to the switch, and can't be forced one way or the other, I'm hoping this is some famous 240 quirk, and maybe ther's some trick to it but the previous owner- a decent guy- has no idea. Can anybody help?
  8. Ahhhh Thanks man, I'll have a look in a couple of days and check it out. I think it's going to take a while to get a handle on 240 (what with me being useless with cars and all) but, geez I love it! Thanks
  9. Howdy all, I've just got myself a lovely little '73 240z as far as I can see it's doing well, mechanicaly its A1 and the body is near perfect. BUT after some mild tearing around I noticed that there's a small petrol leak, on the same side as the cap, that only shows up when the car is Jerked around. (tank was exactly half full) I was wondering - worst case senario - if I need to replace the tank, is it inter-changeable with other Z models (260z etc). (In Australia BTW) Thanks R:tapemouth
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