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  1. He was ok with it. I think he honestly thought the car was worth more based on what he perceived about the car and/or didn't realize how bad it had deteriorated. I told him it was at the most a $1000 car to me. He didn't want to go any lower then 2 grand and said he would probably part it out rather then sell for less then that. I said fine and told him to keep me in mind if he changed his mind. I don't see him parting it out, he doesn't realize the time involved, unless someone helps him with it. I have a 83 turbo engine and a 75 260z rolling shell for spare parts so I can wait....
  2. Just in case anyone's wondering. I looked at the car again last week and he was able to start it but it only ran for a couple of minutes and quit. He did put new gas in it but was using another battery and we believe the alternator wasn't working. In the light of day it didn't look very good..... I stuck my fingers through the floor pans underneath the car and there were 3 good size holes in the frame rails underneath the front seats. In fact, the entire front of the car was rusted badly underneath. Based on that, the engine work needed, and the observation that the interior had noticeable wear that would lead me to believe the car had 139,000 miles on it, I decided to pass.
  3. I live in the thumb area in Vassar.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions, I forgot about the old gas problem and the engine seals. The car is sitting on concrete so that is a plus. Once he gets it outside where I can see it better I'll make him an offer. Perhaps it's better if he doesn't try to start it. I could trailer it back to my garage and work on it there if he accepts my offer. His price is $4000, but I feel it's because the car belonged to his wife and he doesn't realize the work needed to get the car running, which I attempted to tactfully explain to him. There were even some of her things in the center console yet that he hadn't removed.
  5. Been looking for a 280z for awhile, since my Z31 project is almost finished. I found a 77 280z 5-speed manual close by and took a look at it today. Car shows it has 39,000 miles on it and according to the owner, it belonged to his wife (original owner) who passed away about 3 years ago. She only drove it in the summer and always kept it garaged. When she passed He parked it in his barn and it's been sitting there ever since. Interior is in great shape, basic body is fine with no dents, engine looks clean for sitting for 3 years, etc. The bad thing is that it has bubble rust in a couple of places - underside of back of hood, front fenders at lower rear, passenger door at bottom of window, etc . I couldn't check out the rear panel area because there was no light in the barn except for what was coming through the door and the car was backed up to a wall. Rocker panels looked ok, and I didn't notice any rust under the car from what I could see. I'm pretty sure I can talk him down in price based on the rust I've found and the fact that it hasn't ran in 3 years. I know he has some sentimental attachment to it since it was his wife's car, but he seemed ready for me to make any kind of offer since he is moving in another month and confided he didn't know to much about the car and wasn't very mechanically inclined to get it in running condition. I told him I would come back and look at it again if he could get it running (battery was dead) and move it outside so I could inspect the car better to look for rust. My only concern right now is the amount of body work I may have to do to restore and keep the rust from spreading. He did call me later to say that him and a buddy of his jumped the car and it did turn over. He said he would oil the cylinders and purchase a battery to attempt to get it started and get back with me. Any thoughts or suggestions on what else I should look for before I make an offer?
  6. Wow, I like those roadsters too, although I don't know to much about them and they look way to small for my frame. Based on everyone's comments so far, If I do buy a S130, I will probably alter the seat mounts to get more headroom and change the seats if needed. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  7. Hmmm..... Interesting replies. I have a 34" inseam so my torso must be longer then the norm, which leads to the headroom problems. I didn't find the 79 zx to have luxury seats, they seemed pretty ordinary compared to the seats in my Z31. The funny thing is that I have no problem sitting in a 370z and thought it was pretty comfortable, although I've never drove one for any length of time.
  8. From what I have read and what I can sit in, I've deduced that the 240Z & 280Z will probably fit my 6'6" 240 frame ok. I've sat in a 79 280zx I was thinking of buying, but I didn't have enough headroom. I do own a 86 Z31 that fit's me comfortably and suspect that my problem with the 79 280zx was the lack of T-Tops for that year. I was wondering if someone owns both a 280z and the later model ZX with the T-Tops and how they compare on headroom.
  9. Thanks for all the comments so far. It is greatly appreciated. Looks like the 240z would be the most fun to drive.
  10. I've reached the age where my practical family carrying minivan days are behind me, and after leasing a Altima for a little over a year, I'm enjoying driving again. I really like pretty much all the Z cars, but where I live you don't see to much of them. (Michigan) I'm not really interested so much in horsepower as a car that is sporty, handles well, reliable, and fun to drive. I've been lurking on a number of Z Boards and have these thoughts - 240Z - Looks like a great car but nice ones with no rust are somewhat expensive and at my age, certain creature comforts are appreciated. 260Z/280Z - Also nice cars, except for the hideous bumpers! Do they compare well with 240Z's? 280ZX - This one could be my favorite, but how much has handling & sport driving been compromised by the additional weight of creature comforts. Is the turbo version worth it? 300ZX(Z31) This model seems to be the bastard stepchild of Z cars. I like the way they look but how do they measure up to the earlier versions? Is handling and control afterthoughts in this model? I would get the turbo version of this one. Any reason why the NA model would be better. 300ZX(Z32) Very nice cars, but expensive to maintain & operate? They are also going for more money then I probably care to spend. Also seem to be more of a touring car then a sports car.
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