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  1. I have all the parts you are looking for.
  2. Which throttle cable linkage are you refering to.
  3. I have an air cleaner for you if you still need one.
  4. I have an extra pair of seats for a z car, you can recover the seats that I have and they would be great.
  5. What do you need, I have some extra parts. Also try Motorsport auto, they have many nissan parts.
  6. [i was wondering what you are asking for your car. I live in Northern Indiana.
  7. I have parts for you from other 240Z's, I have seats I would sell cheap.
  8. [ I am interested in your car, email me back or send pics. QUOTE]Originally posted by Bryan Edwards 1970 240Z- 47K original miles, serial# HLS3006714, in storage since 1980, complete and original car but very rusty and not running. Dash not cracked but interior is rough. Will Not part out. asking $950, Lancaster Ohio
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