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  1. Hello AJ - messaged re shipping to the UK
  2. Hi Kats Wonderful response - that satisfies my curiosity. Assuming Alan missed a zero off "The PS30 'Fairlady Z432' model = 1,850,000 JPY" That was a very expensive vehicle - Over 90 x the (approximate average) monthly wage!! What is the equivalent of that today?
  3. Hi Silvia In the UK this is sadly (often) the case. I visit scrap yards through my job , and visit one that undertakes such contracts on behalf of the DVLA and Local Authorities. The cars are generally picked up because they are on the road for not having road tax, and therefore illegal. They are taken under either DVLA or local auth. powers to a suitably licenced disposal facility - i.e. scrapyard. The scrapyard has to destroy them if they are not claimed within a certain period , and they dont technically own the vehicle. If the owner reclaims them within the set period they have to pay t
  4. This was entitled worlds biggest diesel engine. I dont know if thats still the case . . . but mighty impressive. Stats - The cylinder bore is just under 38" and the stroke is just over 98". Each cylinder displaces 111,143 cubic inches (1820 liters) and produces 7780 horsepower. Total displacement comes out to 1,556,002 cubic inches (25,480 liters) for the fourteen cylinder version. Total engine weight: 2300 tons (The crankshaft alone weighs 300 tons.) Length: 89 feet Height: 44 feet Maximum power: 108,920 hp at 102 rpm Maximum torque: 5,608,312 lb/ft at 102rpm Struggle to fit i
  5. Thanks very much- hope it saved Go240zags another trip to Italy to buy the June issue.
  6. Hi I think all the magazines were the same and misprinted. I say this because they reprinted the article in the June 2007 issue, complete with the missing page. The good news is they put the missing bits on-line for those who missed it. http://www.am-online.com/_downloads/Buying_guide_cover.pdf http://www.am-online.com/_downloads/Datsun_buying_guide.pdf
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