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  1. Thanks to all of you who stopped by our little booth. Z Therapy was kind enough to share their spot with us and we had a lot of fun. There were some great looking cars and I think Mike took over 100 pixs so he should have some good ones to post. It was great to meet everyone and thanks also to all of you who bought tshirts, hats and Cds to support the club. Without your support, the club would not exist. Hope to see everyone at another one real soon! Racegirl (Jenn)
  2. It's still a great time to buy one! The store is always open! :classic:
  3. Wow! No one else had their club shirts on??? All I can say is "GO VICKY GO!!!" And "WAY TO GO ED!!!"
  4. Hmmm...I'm not really interested in a "man boobs" thread. hehe Now a "man muscle or butt" thread, now we're talking!!! hehe But that's all I can say. I don't want to get myself into trouble with the site administrator( ) hehe Glad you are all liking your shirts. And wait, I've already modeled one. Look at the baby doll shirt. That's the one I want to wear! Oops, I'm late for work. Have a great day! Jenn
  5. OK! So now that you've all started receiving your shirts, why don't we hear all about how great they are...how fast you got them! Let's rally up some more sales! I just ordered some new product (sorry, all clothing for now) to see how the designs can work for us. If they look good, then we'll have more product soon! The more everyone buys, the more product we can get with the club logo! Jenn
  6. I have shipped the orders as of right now. If you guys want them for the MSA, then please send me a pm and we can arrange for you to get them before you go. But it needs to be asap! Thanks everyone. Off to the post office right now. Thank goodness for their new automated machines! I can mail anytime of the day or night! Jenn
  7. We have tshirts!!! I hope we will have them for sale tomorrow! Details on the way.
  8. See comment #54 in this thread to see the final artwork/logos.
  9. Hey Everyone, We (well I) had a problem with the silk screener, so I had to start over. The good news is this new guy does all the shirts for my company here locally, which means he does thousands of shirts for my company. Anyway, Mike and I are taking the shirts to him on Saturday where he has promised to have a sample so we can give the okay to go ahead. Then depending on how much of the day is left, we could get them late Saturday or Sunday. Or I may just have him mail them to me because it's a long drive. My point is that I hope we have them for sale early next week. I apologize for the delay. These first set of shirts will be white only and we will do more depending on how these sell. Mike posted the final graphics in one of the threads but don't know if it was this one. No where will it say 240, 280, etc. It will be a uni-Z shirt. I hope this helps answer some questions. Jenn
  10. That is the exact tshirt that we picked out. I ordered the tshirts last night and the final sample will be ready for our approval next Tuesday (fingers crossed). Right now we just went with the white tshirts with the latest designs. If these sell well, then we will make other colors, etc. And I hope we sell the heck out of them and have to order more right away!
  11. We are only doing one shirt at this time and it will be white with those designs on them. We will have sizes medium thru xxxL. We are still deciding on a shirt and a designer. It has taken longer then antipicated and I am sorry. I hope we can have something printed up and ready to sell soon. We are hoping to have them before everyone leaves for the show, but it may not happen. I'm doing everything I can to get them done. We will do other merchandise once these shirts start selling. It's a long process for one person to design and one person to coordinate/process. I don't know why it takes longer to get to one place by mail then another. All I can say is I mail everything out right away and from there it's up to the mail gods. hehe We will keep you posted and as soon as we have them for sale, we will not hold them back! We could also do like overnight shipping for a couple dollars extra if anyone will want that. Something to think about. Glad everyone likes the designs. Those are Mike's babies. He did a great job! Jenn
  12. What do you think of the colors on the shirt too? In particuliar (sp?) of the yellow lettering? Do you like it? Should it be another color? Would like to get everyone's opinions here. Thanks to those of you that have already commented. Believe me, your comments will be more help then you could ever know. Racegirl
  13. Keep the opinoins coming!!! The more we know and the sooner we know it, we'll be able to get some shirts in the club store. And think about how great those shirts will look with our hats!!! Jenn
  14. I am working desperatly to get the shirts ready in time for the car show. We are looking into changing some of the colors on the graphic. We will have a picture posted of what the back of the white regular t-shirts will look like to get opinions from everyone. If we get enough feed back then hopefully we can make some decisions this weekend. Thanks for all your input and please keep it coming. Jenn
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