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  1. Good morning you all!!! I have a 1978 280Z that the speed cable is not working. I have a new cable, but I think that the sleeve that goes inside the transmission is the wrong one. It has a tranny 5-speed on it. My question is What is the easiest way to identify the transmission model and finding the correct sleeve for the speedo cable? thanks Carlos78Z
  2. Self descriptive
  3. Self descriptive
  4. Self descriptive
  5. Self descriptive
  6. Self descriptive
  7. How do you upload the engine bay photos onto this thread?
  8. Hello! I need some help on identifying my 5-speed trans in order to get the right sleeve/cog for the speedometer cable. I have a 1978 280Z, but the 5-speed was not hers. Any help on what is the easiest way to identify it (already mounted on the car) would be greatly appreciated!! Carlos
  9. Thank you, I will try him! Carlos
  10. Carlos78Z


    At home after Painted
  11. Carlos78Z


    At home after Painted
  12. Carlos78Z


    At home after Painted
  13. Carlos78Z


    At home after Painted
  14. Carlos78Z


    At home after Painted
  15. That will be OK since I am planning to having the reupholtered. Are you willing to sell them to me and how much. Thanks Carlos
  16. Hello, I need your help in locating a left side interior door panel for a 75 280Z. I have two door panels (L/R) for 78 but they don't work for a 75 door. I have tried to get touch with Roger at the Z Source no answers. Can any one help me? Thanks Carlos78Z
  17. Sara, Dave, Randy and all contributors thank you all for your indepth research. It seems that the maxifuse if the way to go when replacing the oem boxes. Now, do the fusible link problem could be the cause for the backfiring when you rev the engine? I runs great while on idle but soon as you rev the engine backfires and goes powerless. I search for other threads on this site, I seen it before, where they are discussing this problem. Best regards Carlos
  18. Hi Randy! My name is Carlos I am in VA. I too have the same problem with the two fusible link holders. Where did you find them and do you know if they have an additional pair of them? I have been calling many many places and no one seems to have them or answer my call. Any help would be appreciated!! thanks Carlos
  19. Compartment almost ready for paint
  20. Engine bay being prepared for painting
  21. Parked at home
  22. 280Z before restoration started!
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