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  1. Hey everyone, Just logged on because i have recently moved from Townsville to Toowoomba and i thought i would see if there is much zcar action happening in the garden city. However i have discovered that there hasn't been a post here for nearly two months?! Now i know it's been a few years since i was a regular poster but i am amazed! Let's get some support going again for this great repository of zcar knowledge! Also on another (somewhat related) note, i am still looking for a project car in ok condition, 240z or 2-seater 260z. I hope that the interest in this forum picks back up again. Thanks everyone!:classic:
  2. Hey guys and girls, I find myself in between cars and i am thinking i need to buy another zed. I am chasing a roadworthy 240z or 260z 2-seater in southeast QLD or in townsville. If it is in SEQLD it needs to be of a standard that i can drive it back to townsville. Not chasing mods, but don't mind, in any condition that will pass a road worthy. THANKS!
  3. Haha nah i'm an apprentice electrician, but my dad is a fitter so we could probably figure things out, especially with all the guides available telling you how to do it.
  4. The main thing for me is body work. I really want to find a rust free zed with a nice paint job... I know that's a huge ask, but everything else i can pretty much do at home, but the rust/paint is a big dollars problem for me..
  5. Hey guys, Wow i haven't posted on this forum in probably a year. Well i nearly bought Justin's red 260z with the intention of putting in an rb, but due to fatherly advice (Threats of torture) I didn't but it, i had to buy a ute.... Well, now i'm further in my apprenticeship and i am getting a bit more money under my belt, and i'm looking for a car... What i was wondering is, do the zed's ppl have put RB's in come up for sale often? And if so what sort of price would they fetch? If not i would be looking for a tidy 260z 2-seater with a good body, as i don't really want the trouble of a paint job.... Big as i know, but you can always be hopeful hey..
  6. Well i've found a few engines at really good prices and maybe a fellow who will resto the car body and interior for me for a really good price (The guy who bought my zed). So now i just need to move into my new house and find the perfect zed! Due to finding this guy who can resto for cheap i'm looking for one with dodgy everything hehe cause it'll probably work out cheaper and i'll be saving one that might just end up being dumped. WISH ME LUCK!!
  7. Hi all, Haven't been on in a while i know, but i'm sure no one missed me haha. Well i've just recently sold my 2+2 off to a better home as the guy who bought it has nearly fully restored it in just over a month, so i think it was a good move. What i'm looking for is what sort of price i'd be looking to pay for a semi-complete 240z/260z 2 seater project. I would like one that has a complete interior/exterior but no engine. This is because i have plans for a V8 install, but i know if the other stuff isn't done i'll just never really get started like my last zed. Thanks all!
  8. Well then... Think i'll go with datto zed's mate's zed if he'll sell it to me. It seems pretty choice
  9. The other thought i had was that i found one for $4k which seems to only have a bit of surface rust as the problem. I could prob afford that and get a respray AND an rb25det if i installed the engine myself you think? My main thing is finding one with a good interior. Cause i plan to get a respray anyhow cause i have a colour i want.
  10. Yeah i'm a bit unsure about only having 2 seats though... But i'll look into it. I did see the 240z in the new unique cars mag, and thought about it long and hard. I think maybe i will buy another zed...... I'll see what pops up.. What are my chances of getting a turbo'd one or at least a pretty modded one for under 15k in the 2-seaters?
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for some opinions here. I've gotten a $15k loan from the bank, and i'm looking at getting a 180sx, but everytime i go into the garage i see the zed sitting there asking to be driven. It's a 1975 2+2 without an engine but with just about everything else as far as i know. I don't know whether i should spend the $15k on the zed or buy a 180sx. What does everyone think? Bear in mind if i spend it on the zed, i'll want the zed to be able to perform as good as or better than a 180sx to make it worth it. Eg, aircon, fast, good handling, good interior. I don't want to do a half job, i want a nice car. Is it possible to do this with $15k? Also i can't do much of the work myself due to lack of skills/lack of time. Prob looking at an rb26dett from an r32 GTR front cut for the engine and aircon. Would maybe settle for the rb25det, but i'd prefer the 26. The zed will also need a full paint job, with rust and dent removal. Plus all new apholstry and the dash rebuilt. I'd say all the wiring will need redoing. Plus all rubbers are rotting as you'd expect. Possibly need suspension and brake work, don't know till a mechanic looks at it. Sorry for rambling, i'm just really lost as to what i want with my money, i just know the car i have needs to go soon. You guys think i can do the zed for $15k? Any help will be MUCH appreciated. :nervous:
  12. Sweet as. I'll come to one once my zed is on the road, prob in about 3 or 4 months? It'll be sweet as, but i dunno if it will be much liked because it'll be pretty modernised. But oh well, i hope it will create some interest in the car from younger guys and gals.
  13. Oh man i am SO interested. But i won't be in town this weekend Once i have my zed on the road i'll try to bring it down to show ya'll. Do you have like an annual meeting?
  14. I actually only paid $500 for my zed from dattozed. To him it was a parts car but it's really not that bad, especially for what i want to do to it. Soon as possible (Next few months) i'll be getting a bank loan of between 25-30k and spending it all on the zed. Full restoration of the body, new paint job, custom leather interior, RB26DETT conversion. The full works. Basically i want to make it a show car that could also have a spin at the track. After i've finished this car and paid it off in a couple of years i want to find an equally crappy 2-seater to make a tubbed drag car. I don't see it as butchering a nice car, i see it as saving a parts car from the scrap heap, that's why i won't buy something restored and rip apart the good work... But yeah on topic haha, if the time comes for me to sell my car once it's finished, i'll be asking pretty big $$$ but it will be a spotless car.
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