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  1. goaldangoal

    finally painted

    Looks awesome. . . what body kit is that? I haven't been able to find one that good.
  2. I'm looking to buy my first Z and recently spotted a '72 for sale with extra parts. I was curious if anyone could tell me how much those parts would go for if I bought the car. (Hopefully to defray the cost somewhat.) '72 240Z Engine Transmission Dual Carburetors Alternator Louvres -- and some other miscellaneous parts I saw a similar post for 2+2 parts, but no prices were actually mentioned, so I'm still up in the air on whether to go for this or not. Any advice at all or ballpark figures for those parts would be extremely helpful to me in making a decision.
  3. Hey, I'm looking for a Zcar and I live in portland. . . any chance you could e-mail me with some more of that info you mentioned? thanks. goaldangoal@hotmail.com
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