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  1. Perhaps timing is the key? If the R30 was the last hurrah for the L28 in a production Nissan, the reference used may be simplistic and simply link the L28 part of the engine No. to the last use of this identifier, with the last vehicle series to receive an engine No. beginning with L28? Particularly if the block in question was sold/supplied sone years after production ceased. Some parts publications seen to trim information to the basics as years go by so maybe in the interests of print space they simply refer to the last known model?

    Just a (convoluted) thought!LOL

  2. To my knowledge the lead content of fuel was not to lubricate, like a graphite compound but to absorb heat from the exhaust valve and seat and draw it away with the expelled exhaust gases (is that a tautology ?!)

    In my experience the conversion to "unleaded" was mainly the use of stellite or hardened exhaust valve seats? We did the guides (k-line) just 'cause the heads were off and the valves were out and as a concession to the hours they had done.

    Hopefully someone who does this every day will jump in and make it clearer?

    P.S. I've been told (by an engine builder I respect) an L series is still good for 100,000 Kms + on the original valve gear and unleaded fuel

  3. I'm really sorry to hear this Kent, I had no idea. Sorry... I'm at a loss for words atm but will speak with you at a better time, although I will say I doubt Mark would put up with too much gloom and such shite. "C'mon there's work to be done!"


  4. Check these out.

    Hey Chris! That was a little project undertaken a few years ago by a (New Zealand?) member of the Prince Skyline Register here in Australia. He had the translation done and a few stickers made up......I've got one here somewhere!?...

  5. Thank you Kats! and a merry Christmas to you too. The videos are great. I think the tyres highlighted with the yellow lettering really put the car in context. Perfect for a 1970 performance car in the hands of a serious enthusiast. It just looks (and sounds) so right!

  6. I did this other day,

    I was doing some high RPM pulls (7K running 15PSI) tuning my Megasquirt II and pop,

    I though it was a manifold gasket, till I pulled it apart, and saw the head gasket hanging out the side of the block..


    I bet you said "DAMN!" or "BLAST!" when you discovered that little gem Nige!

  7. snip

    The E32 4 barrel manifold belongs to the JDM only Nissan PA30 Gloria of the late sixties. It was used on their 2 litre (L20A) engines.


    Hey Mark, can you back this up with some pics or other reference? I'm curious/interested in the Glorias of this era and the 4 barrel reference intrigues me!

    I've given my Prince Gloria manuals and parts books to someone who can actually use them so I've lost my own reference to the S44 G11 pics.

  8. That it just plain crazy!!

    I've been following this one too Nigel. He even says in the ad how damaged it is. If you follow the clues you can see he only bought it off eBay a very short while ago for about $75, and some damage was mentioned then! He discovered further damage on disassembly and consequently got a refund. No fault with the seller. FFS he started the bidding at 99cents. I mean, there's a clue right there :eek:

  9. The rear panel name plate is DATSUN on all cars marketed in Australia including the early GT batch. The SKYLINE name wasn't used on the C110.....in Australia.


    My Japanese references (from 1973-1983) refer to first selling time for the C110 series domestically was 47.9*, which translates to 9th month of 1972 .

    *Begin at 1925,(beginnings of the reign of Emperor Hirohito) add 47.

  10. Hello.

    Yes, I've forgotten that :)

    The car has the owners handbook.

    If there's interest on the members, I can scan it and post it on the forum.

    Just let me know.

    The manual is in English, so everyone can use it.




    Tell you what, I'll show you mine if you show us yours:laugh:

    The one I have is a bit of a mystery to me.

    Issued 10 December 1970

    It's in English

    The diagrams show a LHD Nissan 2000 GT 4door (GC10)

    What market was it for??





  11. Who would have believed a "barn find" C10? ...with such low mileage? well maybe it's 106,500Kms but even that would be extemely low and desirable. Thats pure gold Jorge! It certainly looks very original throughout (steering wheel?) . I'm glad you found our little classic Skylines corner of the 'net and hope you're here for a while. Just what did you have to do to get it driving again? Any plans? Any more in your part of the world?

  12. Basic engine was the Nissan/Prince( :P )S20. Not just a twin cam either. 4 valves per cylinder, 3 twin choke mikunis and 2 camshafts...and that is just up top!

    Totally different to the Nissan L6 series of engines

    ...but then a 432 is far removed from just "a 240Z with a different engine"

    Do a search on THIS forum and you will find THE most accurate information (in English) on these engines compared to anywhere else on the 'Net.

    Welcome and Enjoy!

    While I was typing I just knew you'd beat me to a replyLOL.

    Cheers Alan :)

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