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  1. The Prince 2000GT is nice. $25,000 sounds ball park - But I really do have not a clue.

    Me thinks the 432 is a waste - for 50K, I'd want the S20 and the FS5C71A in place and the R190 too. That hardware is Really to hard to obtain to make a restoration feasible without it.

  2. These are very rare wheels. They are highly prized in Japan and fetch very high prices. The wide, deep offset models are the most expensive. So much so, that Hayashi has remade the widest models. The new ones are $800+ each wheel. the originals are more valuable.

    With the weak dollar, I figure that most likley, this set will sell and return to Japan.

    The vintage Japanese wheel market is not for everyone. 7 years ago I bought new SSR MkII's for $1,100. Now a new set will run $1,800+. Used SSR Reverse Meshes 7'' to 9'' wide are selling reqularly at $1,200 a set. I often buy Vintage wheels at $600 a set. I don't want Panasports and sure as Hell will never buy Chinese Knock-offs, even if they are $300 for four. But that is My tastes, My hobby - I'm a wheel whore, and there a bunch of us.

    To the Japanese Vintage wheel collector the The Sakura/Yayaoi are the holy grail. To eveyone else - They're as weird as Japanese Vintage Wheel Collectors!

    Here's my collection

    SSR MkII - 15X7 @ 0 Bought new $1,100 on the Z

    Adavan A3A Circa 1983 14X6 @6 $600

    SSR Formula Star Circa 1980 14X6 @10 $550

    Hayashi/Tecno TVR Circa 1979 14X6 @15 $500 on the 510

    SSR/Longchamp XR4 Circa 1984 14X6.5 @7 $350 + $600 restoration

    SSR Bright Star Circa 1985 14X6.5 @7 $900 on the roadster

    Hayashi Street II Circa 1978 14X6.5 @9 $600

    SSR MkI 15X6.5 @7 Circa 1980 $600

    Hoshino/Impul D-01 Silhouettes 14X6 @12 Circa 1982 $350

    I also have some Non Japanese wheels of note- but that's a different thread.

  3. "Your wheel collection was your ticket out" Still addicted I see! Will

    O hell yea! And it's still growing. As evident by the stacks of wheels in various places throughout the house - the latest? A set of circa 1983 Hoshino Impul D-01 Silhouettes (here in the office) and a set of SSR Mk1's in the living room (more like the Datsun Parts wearhouse than "living room")

  4. Yayoi - Casted by Hayashi to become cult legends. I'm wondering which arm I need less. Pink wheels on a brown 510 - umm - Maybe if I painted the bluebird black.... Those are the Ideal offset... I don't really need to repair that retaining wall. Nothing vital will slide down the hill . Just a peice of my driveway.... humm.

  5. ...o kaeri nasai!

    It means "Welcome Home" in the most familiar fashion.


    I've been buisy with work, which stepped up a couple notches the last year or so. Had/Have some helth issues which I'm getting under control. Drive Datsuns of course!

    I've been collecting Nostalgic Heros - Lots of ebay purchases from Japan. Just 32 more ussues to complete the set! Don't ask how much I've spent. I fear the accounting, so I avoid adding it up!

  6. Hey folks! Have you all been good Datsun fiends? It's been a long time. I kinda miss you all.

    I thought of the classic Z forum today, when I bought the latest Vintage auto Vol. 14. They had an article on the MSA show and featured some very familar faces.

    Just stopping by to say 久しぶりですね? Long time, no see.

  7. Victor, If he was writing the colour 'blue', he'd have been more likely to use Kanji I reckon. Japanese word for the colour blue ( phonetically "Aoi" ) sounds quite close to phonetic "Oiru" / oil, so maybe that tripped you?

    It did. I read it as ao iro (blue color), thinking that he was in a hurry and didnt select the kanji, just hammering it out in Katakana.

    アオイロ 青色 オイル 僕アホーです!

    aoiro aoiro oiru

    One of these things are not like the other. I'm a fool but still learning.

  8. Very weird how the Google Translator messed up on the Showa and Heisei dates! You'd think it would get those right. My practice reading katakana is paying off. It's getting easier to read the original over the Google translation!

    カヤバオイルショック - KYB Blue Shocks - not - KAYABAOIRUSHOKKU

  9. I just picked up this treasure at the L.A. Kinokuniya Bookstore for $14 Bucks and well worth my collection! It's also at their Portland and San Jose Stores, as well as Amazon.co.jp. there's an HS30-H that looks Like Alan's car as well as perfect examples of Fairlaidies from the SPL212 to Z33.

    Search for ISBN978-4-86190-257-4




  10. despite what "friends" think of them, I love them and I think they're the crowning jewel for the resto of my 240.....sx:cheeky:

    And you are correct, sir. Those Wat RSRs are the proper and fitting (Tadashii?) Silvia wheel. I'd suggest bring them to a pro polish house. I'n my opinion they well worth the expense of a proper polishing and paint.

  11. Thanks Mike! Merry Xmas everone. Christmas is'nt something I celebrate, but it's special to me. I live on a hill overlooking LA. Xmas morning, the city is so quiet. Silent like no other day. The 2 freeway, normally buzzing with car tires is an empty stretch of blacktop. I sit out on my back terrace, drinking coffee and drinking in the city at peace.

    That was a funny clip Dennis!

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