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  1. Love the Dish, Dude!! Gotta remmeber this photo next time someone asks about Negative Offset!!
  2. Here a few of mine I've used over the past 4 or so years. A couple are missing , I guess deleted - there was the Japanese subway "Beware of Perverts" sign - I liked that one. the PITA was awarded to me by our dear late Bambi
  3. I've seen your photos. Looks to me like you've got a good pace going already.
  4. Ha! Robert! I was just going to ask where the Roadsters were hiding!
  5. "Ha 240zx it was worth a try even if I only got a dollar" Did Tom give ya a hard time? Dude - I need the same push. I took my z apart more than 6 months ago, and there she sits... Apart.... Now the 510 has taken all my attention. Gotta get back to the Z. I really miss driving her.
  6. Hey Rick! Welcome! We in the N.E. LA and East Valley should have a get together/BBQ/Angeles Crest ride or something. Don't forget the DatsMeet in the 1st week of january.
  7. I got mine from MSA. Nice people which support this site. Oh and a shiney new "J" hook while I was at it.
  8. Fred, I haven't seen many Automatics on the autoX courses. However, last year I was on a motoring tour with a bunch of cars. Through a very technical section, a single track of on-and-off paved curves through the low hills of Central California, I was chasing a 73 240Z. The Z driver was doing quite well. Although I had no trouble keeping up with him, he was going as fast as I felt I would go if I was leading. Even if there was an opertunity, I had no reason to pass. When we stopped to take a break, I was very surprised to find his car was an automatic! Especially since the road conditions made me use most of my gears quite often.
  9. remmeber, your 74 has two power supplies to the coil # 1 is the start circut, which bypasses the ballast resistor # 2 is the run curcit, which runs through the ballast resistor. When installing the later EI ignition, the ballast resistor is eliminated, but both curcuits must still be used. The "Start" circut supplies power while turning the key. Once you release the key, the "Run circut takes over. I see people in distress often, just after they've made the upgrade to the Nissan EI dizzy. They say "Hay! my car starts, but dies as soon as I release the key. Or It doesn't start even though the components are new. Both of these are usally the error of l;eaving one or the other of the two circuts disconnected
  10. Eric, There are dog legs and then there are dog legs. The "Dog leg' for the 510 came from the 200SX, S10 77,78 A short tailshaft tranny built for a 2 liter in the 100~125 hp range The dog Leg spoken of in reverence tones on this site reffers to the Nissan Competition 5 speed Two legs of very different dogs.
  11. <TABLE borderColor=#ff0000 height=2046 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=7 table><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=middle width=718 bgColor=#ffffff colSpan=7 height=389> </TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top noWrap borderColor=#ff8000 align=middle width=718 colSpan=7 height=1495 border="0"> This is an informal gathering to have a good time with all Datsun vehicles and celebrate the NEW YEAR 2007! No matter how your Datsun looks, primer or bling-bling, who cares!! Let's have some fun over the good food and drink from Ricky & Ronnis Diner! You can order at the Club House counter & eat as you watching cars or also choose from more menu over the RESTAURANT side and make it to go or eat-in!! Yum-yum! $5.00 per vehicle entry for show area (Club House area), you will receive a Raffle Ticket, and enter your Datsun to "My Favorite Datsun" contest. People will choose one Datsun of what they like that day: any cars of their favorite, cool, cute, pop, lovely, clap for the great work, work in progress or just for any reasons how you like it, so you could be the Datsun of the day! * Feel free to leave whenever you want * The spots are first come, first serve basis, but don't worry there is plenty of space so take it easy. Just cruise-in by 10AM should be fine. If you are not willing to pay $5.00 nor park together with the other Datsuns, then please park your car outside of the Club House area. There is a parking lot right next to the Ricky & Ronnies,(see below map) you will need to enter from NORMANDIE ave. * DATSUN / NISSAN Videos * If anybody whas cool CAR VIDEOS to share at the Datsmeet, please bring it over. Ricky and Ronnie's has a big TV to watch it with everybody. Racing video, car shows or even Speed Channel video, Over Hauling, whatever cool ones, go ahead. (no Bikini ones, please! DATSMEET is PG meeting, you know : ) Just remember to SLOW DOWN the speed when you come into the restaurant. No burnouts your tires on driveways when you cruise-in! Click for directions and real MAP!! In case of bad weather, then the DATSMEET will be reshceduled. We might not be able to announce it in advance, however there is always great FOOD! Any questions, please contact at "admin@katysnest.com" no phone calls, sorry! </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  12. i've been thinking of trying the "QuietCar" coating. A Five Ten fellow sells it and I liked his demontration - two steel bars, one coated, one not - Hit the uncoated - RINGGGGG, hit the Coated - thud. http://www.quietcoat.com/index.html
  13. I'm basically going through it, fixing the PO's shortcuts. He bought all the best stuff and did all the "Right" modifications, but the execution was poor. So, I've been cleaning things up a bit. There are certain expectations I have of what people should see when I open my hood. 1st thing was a new exhaust system. The PO had an emptied muffer on a 2.5'' pipe, welded to the header. Morse Muffer set it up right with a flanged output, glasspack amidships and a throaty muffler aft. Now i just set off the sensitive car alarms, instead of ALL the car alarms!
  14. Will, gotta work sometimes to be able to buy more Datsuns. I've made quite a few improvements on the dime since picking her up 4 weeks ago.
  15. IT'S A BEAST! Engine: LZ22 bored 1mm over, 10:1 CR, Head mildly ported, 44mm intake valves, 38mm exhaust valves, Isky Cam 292 Duration .490" lift, Dual 45mm Webers on TWM intakes, Rebello 2-liter header, Fiero radiator, 2.5" exhaust, Holley electric fuel pump. Tranny: 280z 5-speed, shortened and balanced drive shaft, Subaru 3.70 LSD Brakes: Wilwood Dynalite Front and Rear calipers and disks, custom master cylinder, braided steel lines Suspension: Front - Ground Control coilovers with shortened 280zx struts and 175 lbs Eibach springs. Poly front bushings and 1" front swaybar. Rear- Fully threaded Pro-Shocks with 175lbs Eibach Springs. Slotted Crossmember also modified with 4" exhaust hole. 3/4" swaybar. Wheels: American Racing 14x6" Libres, 195-60R14 Yokohama AVS ES100's, 5mm H&R spacer in rear. i changed the wheels to my set of Advan A3A's and 185/60/14's for better brake and fender clearence Interior: Stock Nissan Dash w/ Tach, ghetto center console, Corbeau Forza racing seats, RCI 5-point harnesses, Autopower 4-pt rollbar.
  16. Wiser advice can not be bought. Tuning the carbs is the LAST step of a complete tune up. Adjusting the carbs on a poorly adjusted engine will do very little besides just making things worse. Start at the points then timing, then plugs, then valve adjustment - Then Carbs. My best advice? Buy, rent, borrow or steal this video http://www.ztherapy.com/products/videos/SUTuneUpVideo.htm
  17. I updated the information in the top post - Please scroll up por favor. Oh yea, and plan on coming along!
  18. kogi-san Took some good photos http://www.katysnest.com/garelly-j/j-2006/DatsunBBQ/Doheny-top.htm
  19. You just don't have a clue it is the ... Windsheild Wipers - did they ever really work?
  20. I roadster owner from Malaysia would like to ID the datsun wheel in his 1500 roadster. It's not a 510 SSS wheel as I first thought or the PS30 wheel. 240K? C10 Skyline? See the whole thread at http://www.311s.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5232
  21. Ok! Ok! I'm Guilty! GUILTY I tell ya! I'll fess up to my Datsun Brothers, I love braided hoses and cheat any way I can to keep them up (as long as they are not brittle!) Yes I wash them lovingly in the kitchen sink with warm water and soap. They get gray with age. I cure that with shoe dye (Note: not polish and not leather dye) Cloth shoe dye I buy at a shoe repair shop. It doesn't have the hydrocarbons the leather dye has and does not affect the rubber hose. Yes I am guilty of being anal retentive auto restorer. There are other NEW braided hoses out there. they are not preformed and they are expensive. I stoped by Les's shop and he had a big reel of heater hose size braided line. I got excited. He buys it from Germany and pays a grip and a half for it.
  22. Todd, I have the Holly as on the Summit page in my 510. It has 2 outlets and I pluged one to run a single circut to my dual 45 mm Webers DCOE's on my 510. It adjust fine and locks down tight. No one will be fiddleing with your pressure reg without a wrench and allen key. You need a gauge to set it up. A 0~15 is good. I bought mine at my local hardware store for a whole $6.95!
  23. Checked with my "Mikuni Guru" this morning. He got his set of 50's off the shelf and checked for me. 50PHH's have "180" stamped on the butterflies.
  24. http://www1.megax.ne.jp/power-planning/solex-model-list.htm They are "Type 4" 44's or 40's?
  25. I was sure that 50's had the 2 screw jet covers
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