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  1. when I slapped the other door from the 76 280Z, it fit nearly perfect, but it had the window, cranks, and window bracket on it. So I know that the car's frame is good. I'll try to mess with it tommorrow and see what I can get done.
  2. OK, I'm at my wits end and my back is killing me... Is there a proper way to do a rebuild on a drivers door? I backed into a clump of sand nest to a big tree with my door open a while ago...and the door snapped off, crunched in, tore up a the drivers fender, and broke the hinges. No damage to the A-piller. So I spent the gas money, and found a door about 2 hours away, go get it, stripped it completely, sandblasted a few bad rusty spots, hammered out a few dings, hit it with some airtools to remove some paint, treated it with that spray on rust-to-primer stuff, then bondo'es with feather-light to just smooth it out to try to get it decent again. Then more spray primer, wetsand, more primer, wet sand...and then a few coats of red spray paint, wetsand, and more paint, wetsand...had a bug land in an area and mared the paint, so more paint, and wetsanding...finally get it looking decent, and almost ready to hang on the car. Sandblasted the hinges, painted them, attached them to the car, and finally test fitted the shell of the door...nothing in it, no window, no crank, no nothing....and for some reason the bottom of the door sticks out about an inch in the back...on the bottom only. So I took the door of another Z I have here, and it fits perfect. but I put that door on the other Z, and same thing...it's sticking out at the rear of the door on the bottom. Before I lose my mind or get a hernia...whats the problem? Does the window bracket thats not installed give the door a twist to fit the bottom flush? Since it's not installed, without it,does that make the door relax too much, or did I get a crappy door? the bottom of the door looks straight as an arrow, but is tweeked when installed on the car. from this point on, putting it back together and adjusting everything to fit it like it should...is there a pattern or a tighening sequence to follow to adjust the door properly? funny thing...I don't know what Z this door came from, but it doesn't have any holes for the mirror, but everyone told me the doors are the same for the 240Z, the 260Z, and early 280Z's....and it's going on a 260Z (12/74) I'm going nuts over this door....:stupid:
  3. check the tire pressures... I have found that a tire thats low on air will be hard to turn, and when filled up to the max pressure, steers way better. plus I go 5 to 10 psi over max, and find I get better grip from the front tires. Tires are going to wear anyways, and with prices on normal tires these days, who cares about getting 50,000 miles out of a tire when the car is driven only 10,000 miles at the most a year.
  4. http://videos.streetfire.net/video/8f1a345c-d7a7-4b3d-87bc-0b57579f8f93.htm
  5. http://d-faction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=101 For $105, 30 cars max, Stafford Springs track, drift as much as you can. Last year I blew up my Z there, long sweeper and low on oil....but the track was fun, very safe, decent on tires as well, and I had a great time. Plus there will be a car show there...even if you come to watch...it's still worth it to set that date aside and go. And this year I got the Z rebuilt for this...so I'll be there burnong up some tires and getting a tan. Plus after the event, I'll have an after party at my house in Meriden....BYOB.
  6. Swing down to Meriden, at my new house..I think I might have one in the garage somewhere...
  7. I really hate to say this...but the market for used parts ISN'T even there anymore...The Japanese has almost fully converted to Mini-vans, and smaller economical cars...and no more real sports cars are even made...if you have plans for an RB or an SR swap....you better get those engines now...in 3-5 years..they will al be gone. I buy everything from the yahoo Auctions, and some things from Up-Garage and Seko-Han...but thats about it. This year..Up-Garage and Seko-han has about 1/4th of what they had two years ago..and it was almost pathatic to see what they did have. I mailed the wheels....in 2 trips, 20 wheels on on trip, and 20 on the other trip...all packed in pairs...so 10 packages at one...hopefully it doesnt attract to much attention at customs... Plus I have 4 cars..so they can leagally be classified as "for personal use only" :nervous:
  8. Here's a link of what I bought...
  9. I bought and packed about 10 set of wheels..... :nervous:
  10. All I got was some rims...they should be here in a month...but I'll tell you one thing...Watanabe's...hehe
  11. Just the LSD...and the ring gear...I guess I have to find a pinion now..ehh....crap... Who"s got one?... :mad:
  12. I went to Japan for a few days...and while going thru some of the used car part places...I stumbled on a diff in a box... the tag said that it was a nismo 2 way LSD, for an R180....and my heart stopped beating... Then I looked around for the pricetag..and found it...Only 18900 yen...about 190 US$...so I ran out of breath when I took it to the counter...still waiting for my heart to start beating again... I just got back to the states yesterday...and this morning...I'm looking at it, its super clean and the ring gear looks almost brand new...so I was looking at some of the numbers on it.... And it a 4.11 ring gear :eek: I can't wait to install it!!!! This years drifting and autocross is going to be fun....
  13. dammit...that's about the same set-up I was going to peice together.... write up everything so I can learn more... :bandit:
  14. OK, my wife is Japanese, and I lived there for a while,...well...time to go back for a visit and some shopping. I have a little money to spend...and I will be buying some stuff for myself, but if...if...someone might have a wish list...then I will consider buying some stuff...and have it shipped back.... Shipping is going to be the hard part...but last time I went, we got a few sets of rims, some LSD's, steering wheels, coil-over's...etc....it takes a month to go by boat, but all the items arrived...and most went on my car, and some went up for sale. I'm not doing this to make a huge buck, but I like to get things for people at fairly good prices, as some people have done for me. Granted...most of the parts for Z cars are around 30 years old, if your an original buff, so some things will be hard to find...but other stuff...If I see it and I think it will help someone over here, and I can make a little off of it, then I'll buy it. I will buy old used rims, and will prolly clean them up when I get back to the states, and then try to sell them, but if there is something that someone wants, then I'll look more for it, than something I see on a shelf. Also, my wife has a Yahoo auctions account, so I can buy them now, and have them at the inlaws house waiting for me to re-ship them to the states. Allthough I don't post here very much...I lurk everyday...and I'm sure a few people here have met, or have had some prior dealings with me, so they can vouch for my behalf. I'm already on a mission to get Watanabe's for my car, so I'll try to get a few extra sets if I can, and I deffinately want to get some fender mirrors and other JDM stuff to set my car apart, plus I'll be looking for other things like Mugen for my honda's, and Nismo for the Z... If there is something that you guys can think of, or want, or have seen on the Japanese Yahoo auctions that you want, then post here, or PM me, and I'll put your items to look for on my list... But please, tell me the max price that you would pay for something, and in what condition. Since I'm not asking for money up front, it's all on my bill, and please, if you do ask for something, and I find it and bring it back...Please have the money set aside to buy it...I got stuck with some stuff the last time...and by the time they sold...I lost a couple of bucks on them.. So start thinking about what you want...I leave the states April 27th and get back around May 9th....
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