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  1. I did see a few youtube videos of people cooking the bondo with a torch then scraping off huge chunks, I think I'll try that once I get the paint off. I'll pick up a few of those up next time I'm at the hardware store. I'm nt sure about the sunroof, I sort of like the look but it leaks a little and I'm not a fan of the sun always beating down on me. If I need a new roof I will not cut a new hole. If I can get away with the one I have, I might keep it but I'm leaning on no.
  2. As a retirement gift to myself I decided to get my Z restored. It's a RHD 1978 260Z that I picked up when I was stationed in England. I've pulled the engine and dropped it off for rebuild, got the tranny rebuilt and stripped the interior, doors and glass. I've done some exploratory grinding on the paint after finding a bunch of bondo under the door. I thought I was upset at how much rust I found until I discovered that I had structural amounts of bondo. I'm technically and mechanically inclined but lack the experience with metalworking. I'm fine with paying someone to do the things I can't but I can't bring myself to pay someone to do things I can do. I'm at least committed to getting it down to bare metal but where is a good place to begin? What tools do I need? It looks like the cutoff wheel I'm using might dig into the metal a bit too much to be practical. https://imgur.com/gallery/KhHyMl8 https://imgur.com/gallery/2domfao This is when I first bought it around 2002
  3. anyone heard from TRK? does anyone know is e-mail address or phone number? check up on him. last we heard was a few weeks ago he said he was going skydiving. heard of an accident a blue 240 or 260z in southern texas. just like the one he gave his son. thanks guys -Chad www.got-z.com
  4. yeah, its pretty sweet. plus it will be even more rare over there being a RHD and all. when I get it fixed, it will be my weekend car. the 280zx is my daily driver even more pics
  5. yeah, it is a T reg. Well, thanks. I've posted the same stuff in 3 different forums and mosty people agree that its a '78 just like the paperwork says. now my biggest problem is in ordering parts... I'll work that out when I bring her back to the states. I've just got to get her up to code enough that they don't cry about rust or anything else. I better look into that before its too late.
  6. says 01 09 1978 on the DVLA. I'm just checking to make certain. it looks like an engine swap occures sometime ago. numbers don't match up.
  7. engine number firewall number vin number on documents and information plate RS30-021332 dash seatbelt stock radio under drivers side dash
  8. 2. engine type not serial number indicated on the data plate the serial number is stamped on the plate, but it looks like it was pressed into it. its hard to raed but its there. where would i find the engine serial number? I've looked all over with no luck. I'll go grap pictures of the seatbelt. if it makes any difference, all of my windows have a nissan stamp on them. more pictures here
  9. UK spec. I'm totally lost on the differences... i need to call the owner who had it from 88-96
  10. if you need a closer pic. I'll get it in the morning.
  11. how can you tell its been repaired a few times? I can get more pictures if you need em.
  12. no door plate,, looks like they took it off, and painted over the holes... I've got the lights that go in the air dam, I just have to have the holes cut. thanks
  13. I have a 1978 260Z (RHD) U.K. spec. I need to know what model year it really is. I was told that it is a '78 and the paper back to 1988 says its a '78 I'm just making certain what year it is. it has the small bumpers and the 260Z body. L26 engine, dual su carbs vin number RS30-021332 I can get pictures for you if you need them. for higher resolution click this http://www.green260z.com/upload/DSC00226.jpg fo rmore pictures http://www.msnusers.com/Z-Cars/shoebox.msnw?albumlist=2
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