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  1. It was great to see Glenn out there again. Heat and humidity was brutal...I ran 2 races back to back and later doubted my judgement on that decision. How Gurney, Foyt, etc survived those 3 hour enduros at Riverside is beyond me. My webers weren't happy with the weather either, way off the pace, I never arrived at a decent tune-up that day. Next time.
  2. Rob, If I remember correctly, they had your pal switch to "189"...hard to see in the pic, but I think the added "1" is on there. Hopefully he had a good time and he'll race with us again.
  3. Hey, thanks Phil!...but the results certainly would have been different had you been there Let's hope you'll be joining us at Blackhawk over Memorial Day. –Mark
  4. Resist the urge to over-modify your car, and stick to the pre-72 SCCA GCR (or SVRA group 8 GCR), you'll be glad you did. I rebuilt my car initially as a legal CP car (except for my L28 block) and had great fun with it. Eventually blew the engine, and what should have been a straightforward engine rebuild turned into a episode of extensive modification and fabrication. I now have a non-legal body (all fiberglass except the roof section), non-legal brakes, suspension, transmission, wheels, tires, etc, etc. Luckily the sanctioning body I run with still accepts it as "vintage", and I can also run in their GT2 class. SVRA has accepted it for group 10 as a IMSA GTU car, but I currently have no plans of running group 10. The buildup was challenging and fun, and the car is still in the teething mode every "new" race car goes through. The few clean laps I made with it this past season proved the car to be very quick with predictable handling and great brakes (after some sorting). But, the same was true of the "old" car (well, except for the brakes), so my 2 cents is to stay legal (and reliable)...and you'll have a blast, plus the car will be accepted just about everywhere you want to race. I'm now atoning for my "sins" by collecting era-correct parts for a '66 Corvette basket case race car I recently purchased, to be rebuilt as a by-the-book B Production racer...no "tricks" this time around.
  5. I race with Phil on a regular basis, and a quicker, safer racer would be hard to find. He's also extremely helpful with his vast technical expertise. There are several competition Z's in our group, and Phil and his immaculately prepared car are quite a combination. Great vid, Phil.
  6. Kronoss


    My 71 as last raced in 2006 prior to latest rebuild. I purchased this car as a ITS basket case and did a moderate re-build on the car in 2005, and had much fun with it in 2006. Blew engine and trans in it's last event in '06. A simple engine\trans swap evolved into the GT2 beast in the above pics.
  7. Kronoss


    My 71 after an extensive rebuild, off to it's first shakedown. Yes, I did manage to load it without knocking the spook off.
  8. Kronoss


    My 71 after an extensive rebuild, off to it's first shakedown. Unfortunately, the gremilns were out in force that day. Hopefully the 09' season will be an improvement.
  9. Here's a few I recently discovered posted on a Corvette racing site (vettemod.com)...35mm enlargements taken at Road Atlanta, not sure what year...1972, 73? There were several other interesting non-Datsun images there as well, F5000, Can-Am, David Hobbs, Donohue, etc. –Mark Atkinson
  10. Got the thing started. Had to further massage the accel pump linkages...now getting a good pump shot across the board. Thanks for all replies.
  11. Removed carb 1 to verify accelerator pump operation...no fuel squirt from pump jets when butterflies pumped. Accelerator pump linkage bound up...lubricated linkage and was then getting fuel squirt during throttle pump. Float level checked out okay, main jets clear. Reinstalled carb 1, removed bowl covers on carbs 2 and 3, verified accel. pump linkage was free on both. Ignition on, pump on...end result same. Intermittent firing but no start...plugs still dry. Still something amiss in the carb starting circuit. Hoped to avoid pulling all three carbs off the manifold for a teardown, but now it seems unavoidable. So much for buying "new" carbs.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I'll be doing further examination today. As I mentioned, these are factory new carbs right out of the box. This is a brand-new 12:1 engine, and the timing has been checked several times. In my past experience with Weber dcoe's, they have always been on the rich side, I've never encountered a set that don't even wet the plugs. Over the course of the several starting attempts made yesterday, there should have been fuel running out of the headers. It's even more astounding that they are all doing the same thing, which makes me think that there may be some oddball "packing material" or whatever within the bowls...to me that seems unlikely but I'll tear one down today to verify. Thanks again.
  13. New out of the box 45 DCOE's on a TMW manifold, Carter 4070 electric pump, 4 psi fuel pressure with pump running. Engine fires but won't catch, plugs removed and are bone dry. Carbs full of fuel, evidenced by dripping. Timing checked and re-checked. Assumed float levels should be within spec from factory. Only modification was installing 165 main jets. Fuel doesn't seem to be making it to combustion chambers...am I missing something obvious? Thanks for any and all advice.
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