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  1. Alright, i will check those ones out, The good thing is that my dash is in good shape, it just has 3 cracks in it, but still need it fixed.
  2. It all started when I joined my local car group, we do lots of motorsports events. For the summer I have been happily using my 86 grand prix and my 88 camaro. Well, in the winter, we hold what is called the 500 dollar challenge. We must build a car to run various events, but cannot spend more than 500 dollars canadian total (excluding parts needed to get the car running, OEM only). Well, where i live, we have only one insurance provider, it is government run so all totalled cars go to them first. I had been watching the sales lot for the perfect car for the challenge... THen I saw it! A Pontiac Sunbird Turbo GT with 5 speed! Totalled off due to hail damage. now, not what you were expecting, but anyways, I didn't have the money on hand to buy it so I requested a 24 hour hold which is allowed. I came back the next day to buy, they forgot to enter the hold into the computer! :mad: somebody else ended up buying it. Now I was mad, it was almost time for the challenge to start, (me and my friends decided not to start until october 1st as a challenge to see who was better, we could not actually work on it till then.) and time was almost out because it was close to october. with less than one week left, I had resided myself to the fact that I would be stuck with only some crappy car like a horizon or colt which most everybody else use because of the money limit. I was pretty mad at losing that sunbird, so I decided to go out driving around for another car to use and went looking at the junky car dealers that specialize in the cars nearing their end but at a cheap price. I went to one, and asked what they had under 500 bucks that can be turned into a race car, they take me in back, show me the usual junkers, 70's boats, rusted 80 econo cars, then I see way at the back by a wall, this little sporty looking car packed in with some trucks. I asked them a price and they said make an offer, I said 200 bucks SOLD! then I realized what a deal I got, and that Is how I got my Z and saved it from an otherwize certain death.
  3. continuing in my asking for assistance, My 280 is having fuel supply problems, something with the fuel pump, what sort of problems did the 280s have with their pumps and also, I did an injector test (put a testing light into the connector plug) and it didn't show regular signal. What could cause that?
  4. Alright, if you saw in the main discussion, I posted a link to my datsun, the 280zx. Anyways, my interior is in poor shape too. Vinyl and carpet is no problem, but can anybody post for me a link to where I can get a new dash and other interior pieces? Also can somebody tell me what goes in the spot to the right of the ashtray?
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