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  1. If you are not stuck on having a 240z you could always get a 260z. They are a little different to a 240z but also about half the price. Good start for a first z car and you can mod the engine for performance then transfer it to a 240Z later down the track.
  2. Just tried the video dowloads and they all appear to be down.
  3. Could you connect a solenoid to the fuel line. That way if you have a mechanical fuel pump you can still cut off the fuel. A 30yo car that will turn over but not fire would be considered a piece of old junk and be left alone fore something newer and more reliable. Also I am sure I once saw a electronic distributor that had a key pad so you could not start it without the pin code.
  4. Hi 260freak. Another Perth Z owner here. Also a member at www.wazcars.com but they are a relaxed lot. You will get more help here. As for restoring your Z. I was going to get other people to do mine but it is really expensive and you will compromise to save money unless you have a wad of cash. So I have started doing mine myself. As I see it if I stuff it up it probably wont cost me any extra to have a professional fix my mistakes. Plus it is more fun to do it yourself. There are plenty of members who are willing to help you. Just read the posts and get a feel for what you need to look out for and give it a go, post a question if you have one, post observations if you find something different. Good luck to you.
  5. Flashing LEDs are a good deterent. They dont have to be conected to anything other than a 9v battery which will last for years. Put on some stickers and they will think it was alarmed. I have a imoboliser/alarm fitted with the LED in the centre dash and motion censors on eather side but do I believe it will stop a determined thief? No. I will think about a fuel cut off when I finish fixing it but that is not going to stop someone putting it on the back of a flat bed truck and driving off with it.
  6. I've been told that immobolisers dont work on old cars because it is to easy to run a screwdriver across the poles on the starter motor. But if you are running a Z with an electric fuel pump (my 260 has an electric pump but I am not sure about 240s) you just put in some form of cut off switch and your Z will go nowhere. It will only delay a profesional thief a few seconds until he finds the switch (clue here is to hide it well) but a joy ridder is going to think they have stollen an old piece of junk and find something else to drive. Plus a determined thief will steal your car no matter what security you have.
  7. He probably wont get a prison sentence because of his age. But if it had been a teenager who was driving they would have gotten time for sure, especially if it had been three older people killed rather than younger people. So how old was the driver of the car he was racing???
  8. Is the 350Z a nice car? Yes. Is the 350Z a replacement for the 240Z? No Early Z's won thier credience on dirt tracks racing in rallys. Would anyone want to take a 350Z rallying? I dont think so. Is the 350Z the evolution of the 240Z? Yes. After the release of the 280ZX it was no longer about the drive but about the driver comfort. So the 350Z is where Nissan decided to go with thier car. You dont have to buy one. But most people put comfort before performance. But really it should have been called a 350ZX.
  9. Mr Camouflage has it right. Waste of time and money putting a RB26DETT into a 350Z. When you consider all the custom work you are going to have to do with intercoolers and exhaust plus the likes, better to spend it on modifying a twin turbo set up for the 3.5L engine. Really if you want to do it properly you would go after market on everything except the engine when you did the swap. Start with a bigger engine with less miles and you have to be in front. Now putting a 350Z engine into a 240Z with turbos and the works. I would like to see that.
  10. Lets start a new thread now. Nice stories about police. I have two. 1. Walk out of a night club at three in the morning. This is a well lit city on a quite night so when I jump in my car I forget the headlight. I notice this when I pass the first oncoming car, Mr Police Car. So while he is doing a Uturn I pull over, turn my engine off and get out my license. He does not give me a lecture but still gives me a RBT then lets me go with no fine and headlight on. 2. Working as a courier driving without my seatbelt. Pass a Motor cycle cop but try to lose him while he Uturns. $50 fine but no lecture. Two weeks later I am in an accident and write my car off. No injury as I am waring my seatbelt.
  11. Mr Volvo raises a good point about doing a few kmh's over the limit. With these increasingly accurate speed traps the police have lowered the tolarence from 10kmh over the limit down to current levels (which I dont know). Now with a speedo that is only accurate to 10% plus or minus under ADR rules I could be driving over the limit without realising it. Put into the equation hills (accelerate to go up brake when going down) and suddenly I am watching my speedo more than the road in front of me. Now surely that is unsafer than me doing 10% over the speed limit but with full awareness off the road around me.
  12. Just for the record. I speed. The road I that used as an example, I have done 140kmh an hour on my way to work. But it was a clear morning, it is a well maintained road with two lanes and no oncoming traffic and there was absolutly no traffic. I did it once just to see if the car could do it. But still I know it was wrong. Plus it was not a once off, but the worst offence (except that time I got my 120Y coupe upto 160kmh, but that was so far in the bush that it was practacly the N.T.). The thing that pisses me off are people who casually speed when there is other traffic around, whether it is light or heavy. Something goes wrong when speeding on your own, well you may have done the world a favour. Do it in heavy traffic and you could kill someone's mother, wife, sister, niece, I think I have made my point
  13. So who gets to decide when "the right time and place" is? There are people who have decided times and places. They are organised clubs at dedicated tracks. They have engineers who have to pass your car and require you to pass a license above and beyond a standard car license. Anyone who speeds on a registered road is breaking the law, and that is not just the law of the raod but also the law of statistics. Speed Kills. The more people who speed, the more people will die. Plus fatalities are higher in the younger groups. But is it entirely thier fault. After all they are only following the lead of older more experienced drivers. Case in point. A while back I was driving to work early in the morning. I was watching my mirror and soon saw a young bloke aproaching me. I was doing the posted limit of 90kmh when he overtook me, so I figure he is doing 100kmh. There is another bloke in my mirror, middle age, and he overtakes me and the other bloke probably doing 110kmh. Then there is a third bloke. 40ish with his wife in the passanger seat. He overtakes all three of us. Estimated speed 120kmh. What were they driving. The young bloke was driving a VH Commodore (same as my daily driver). The second bloke was a old Falcon. The 40ish bloke? A Hyundi. The morale of the story. Sure young people speed, but no worse than all the soccer mums out there. Why do more of them die. Maybe it is thier skill or lack of it. Maybe it is because they cant afford new cars with moddern safety features. Maybe it is Darwin's law of survival and they kill themselves when they are younger so less get killed when they are older. Also all three cars ended up behind a truck doing the posted limit when the two lanes merged. Speed gets you know where faster except six feet under. I think that is about a $1.50 worth.
  14. datsun260z

    TAS 2003

    Are these custom made items or are they available to buy???
  15. I also found on the few ocassions that I had to drive my Z before I started rebuilding it that it did feel slow. It had me concerned that my speedo was out so I paced it with my wifes car. She confirmed that I was indeed doing the speed that we set and so my speedo was not wrong. But what I latter came to believe is it has something to do with the Z sitting so low (and that we sit low in the Z) and also just the low gurgle of the engine. The L26 does not need to strain to cruise so you dont feel the engine is working hard. As for low quater mile times. The Z might not be a fast accelerating car but that does not mean it lacks the top end power. Remeber that this was a car that was raced on and off roads. I am not sure but I think the Datsun Works team used modified L series engines. So sure it might not win on the straight, but it will catch you in the corners.
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