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  1. Little early to announce this, but I have a short tutorial already photographed, but not written up yet, on 240Z rear panel removal process. Preview image of some interest to this discussion can be seen half way down page at this link Coming Attractions at ZPARTS.COM btw, it is my understanding that only the top shelf-like portion of older original panel is available from Nissan these days. For some unknown reason this piece seems to most often be referenced for sale in Europe, but I belief some persons have been able to order it through MSA also. Call them to verify this. Eric Neyerlin - owner of ZPARTS.COM
  2. Hi All, All are invited to drop in to see a newly created Z Car Project Preview Showcase to preview the back log of featured custom Z cars, projects and tech articles in preparation at ZPARTS.COM. I think you will find many of the previews of great interest. Apparently, the index page has become quite popular since published because there is such a wide diversity of surprising cars, projects and quality photos to review there. Hope you'll drop by. Comments and suggestions welcome, but please do not request more photos or technical answers to your questions. Hopefully, completed articles published later will satisfy all you wish to know. Enjoy- Eric Neyerlin - owner of
  3. Paul Henley, of England, and a 240Z Club member, has designed and built a set of steel rotisserie stands that have served him well during his 3 year restoration project. Due to my request, Paul has sent in a set of 19 photos with measurement overlays showing the construction of the stands. They will be published at ZPARTS.COM in the near future as an online slide show with text write-up from Paul. You can see a preview of entire car body suspended on the stands in his garage at my Coming Attractions page If anyone else knows of another quality rotisserie design for a Z car that I could feature alongside Paul's please contact Eric at zcarphotos@attbi.com Eric Neyerlin - owner of ZPARTS.COM
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