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  1. I have a '72 240z that i did just what you said to. I am still doing the finishing touches on it, but it does not take more than a few weekends to do the complete conversion. If you pick a 280z from 75 through 80 they do not have a complex injection system so it is easy to convert. you do not even have to swap the distributor. It is easier if you dont because that is in the other wire harness. You can just ollow the wire harness from the computer back and that is all you need. there is only about 3 wires you need to connect to the ignition switch and one to the (-) on the primary coil and run a wire back and install the fuel pump. you can use the shop manuals to determine what 5 wires need to be connected where. the hardest part is finding a place to store the computer and mount all the other goodies. and hopefully you know enough not to put the computer in the engine compartment, and store it in the interior. if not I dont recommend doing this swap. minimal electrical expertise is required. its an easy swap and it should run more reliable than SUs. PLus it is a good starting place to go to a programmable ECU and i am going to also upgrade to supercharger later. have fun
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