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  1. I swapped them when I started tuning the carbs. They’re gapped to 0.035 in. I figure since I’ve got the new ignition coil, they could take the max recommended gap. Does that reasoning hold? Regarding the float levels, I think I’m going to mess around with them this weekend. Figure I’ll at least learn something if nothing else. Thanks again for all the help. Everyone here’s been great!
  2. I am not using points. When I bought the car, it had a Pertronix flamethrower already installed. I did replace the stock ignition coil with a Pertronix one and like it so far.
  3. This doesn’t seem too difficult. How many turns down are your mixture screws now? Well… I didn’t think to keep track of that until I was about 5 adjustments in. I’d say I’m roughly 4-6 turns down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For what it’s worth, I’d say the problem is 95% resolved. I pretty much have to make a conscious effort to linger exactly in that 65/3400 “danger zone” until it starts sputtering. Once it starts sputtering, it generally seems easier to make it do it again, but still not necessarily “easy” to do.
  4. Seems to have been a fuel starvation issue. I started going through the “quick and dirty” guide that siteunseen linked. Once I got to setting the fuel mixture, I started to notice significant improvement. I thought I had gotten it all the way dialed in yesterday afternoon (I couldn’t replicate the issue). However, this morning on my commute, I noticed it sputtering again. It doesn’t happen nearly as easily or as violently as it used to, but I can get it to start to misfire pretty much exactly at 65 MPH/3400 RPM going uphill. I have incrementally (1/8 to 1/4 turns per adjustment) increased
  5. I’m happy to report that after an afternoon and a half, my carbs are tuned! Thanks to everyone for the help! I had a blast figuring it out; definitely a lot easier than expected.
  6. Where does one find a clear fuel hose like this?
  7. Thanks for the help! What is a good source for information on how to tune the carbs?
  8. Hi fellow Z lovers, I recently bought a ‘71 and am using it as a daily driver. The car is generally in pretty good condition and runs well for the most part but sputters/jerks/misfires(?) while going uphill. This usually happens while within 10% of 65 MPH/3500 RPM. So far it hasn’t completely died yet but it doesn’t feel, sound, or look good when it happens. I’m worried about it. The car has a rebuilt, non-original L24 with about 45k post re-build. What should I be looking out for?
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