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  1. i think it is by appointment only at the moment and i would go there when they have one or two interesting cars ^^. My dad would come also, but he is vaccinated. I will tell you if we come, would be nice to see the 300zx, but we could drive you no pb
  2. @dutchzcarguy would be very nice, i'll send you a pm if i ever go there 🙂
  3. Yeah i know any Z will probably need work. What is bugging me on this one is the timeline, why has the seller waited so long to get the papers and then why does he sells it 1 month after... And i guess i'd rather buy something from a prefessional. edit: I have the customs paper with the tax he paid so i can calculate that he bought the car for ~10k usd. So he is flipping the car with nearly 0 work on it for more than twice the price after 1.5 years
  4. Thank you guys, i told the seller i'm not taking it, i'd rather take my time a little more and choose between several cars. This one had french papers and was drivable so it was the main perk. I'll have a look in NL and keep reading stuff here.
  5. Guys, I think i'm getting cold feets. Thing is neither me nor my dad would be able to see if it's a sketchy car or not. I have never driven any s30 and i fear that when i'm in front of it after 450km i will want it and disregard stuff. It's the first car that i was going to check but i don't have the knowledge to be sure about it... and i know no one who knows those cars at all. We know a former garage owner and mechanic but he is not available for the month... I think i will rather try to see with a dutch garage that has several of them on a regular basis and knows the car (https://
  6. @siteunseen yeah that gap was worrying me too and if you say it looks wrong overall i'm starting to have second thoughts
  7. Alright. I'm going to see the car on may 8th, i'll have the checklist of all those points to check for rust. It does not have a sunroof. I noticed the rear bumper is not straight though... few more pics. may be hard to spot cracking as it has been resprayed 😕 the seller sells it because he says he wants something more sporty with a turbo like a 300zx... oddly it's been through customs in sept 2019, french mot from feb 2021 and he made the french papers in march 31 2021 and selling it roughly one month after...
  8. i'll have a look in NL thanks i was hoping to go from injection to carbs if that's doable
  9. thanks for your answer yeah it's driveable and will pass the local mot before it's sold, dashboard is new, interior is ok... comes with 240 bumpers, has a 5 speed zx gearbox. Ac and heater apparently not working... Don't care much about AC i would probably get rid of it. It's actually from Florida and not Cali, my mistake. the price is 21k usd which will probably make you fall from your chair if you live in the us... i regularly see Z for more than 30k usd here in france and EU. Rust buckets are often 10-12k usd here. I will try to go see it with a mechanic when our lockdo
  10. hello I'm lusting for an s30 since a few years now and i'm starting to look for one seriously... Just found this forum from reddit and it looks like i have a lot to read 🙂 I found a 280Z imported from california that the owner is selling after 2 years. I asked him to send me pics of the underside and here is what i got... what do you think (rust wise)? cheers Vid_1.mov
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