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    i am restoring a 280zx

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  1. I indeed have no O2 sensor and also no kat haha, just a straightpiped 6 cillinder. best sound ever!
  2. I live in holland so its only a few degrees outside right now. If the engine will start up hard i think i will get a new CSV but for now i will delete it. Also i dont have a O2 sensor. What type used the O2 sensors? I have a 1983 280zx also deleting stuff like this will make the engine look cleaner haha
  3. Ahh okay, well then it is weird that the engine now runs perfect without the CSV.
  4. okay so i had a few hours left today and i checked what would happen if i disconnected the CSV fuel line and then tried to start it. Its alive again!! thanks alot guys! i think the valve is indeed stuck open
  5. okay thanks! i will try this tomorow when im in my garage. ill keep you updated
  6. Yes indeed fuel comes out of the AFM. When i see the picture you just posted i think the CSV is open all the time. Also i dont think a injector can spray so much fuel in that it will come out of the AFM
  7. o sorry! all the plugs are super wett. i havnt checked the CSV yet, next time i will disconnect the little fuel line going there and top it off to make sure the valve wont spit any more fuel in the intake. can i just drive without it? or is it really needed to ensure the car wil warm up/ start up better? the FPR should be fine i think, the vacuum hose that is on there is dry, not even a single drop of fuel. also i get a really good (and clean) return i also tought about the injectors but that should be a little weird because the fuel is comming out of the throttlebody. but ofcourse nothing is imposible and i could fill up the whole intake and then spit it out at the throttlebody.
  8. nothing has changed since a few weeks ago, i was super busy with school work. the CSV valve is the vaccuum valve on the intake right? (im dutch so i dont know all the names). how do i check if it is stuck open? and how would this cause the engine to flood? thanks for the response btw! Greatings
  9. hello everyone and im sorry if this topic has been discussed before. im restoring a 1983 datsun 280zx with a L28 (non turbo) engine and a few months ago i was finished with the engine resauration and tried starting it up and it started up right away and ran perfect! in the last few weeks the engine had been on a few times (to show my friend). but now this morning the engine does not want to start up at all , the engine goes around but wont start. what is working / have i checked? fuel? : tank is a quarter full and also the fuel rail has presure (fuel flies out when i take of the fuel line) spark? : yes a strong spark with new spark plugs when i try to start the car for a while there comes a lot of fuel out of the intake tube (intake filter box is off). is the engine just flood or does anyone have any suggestions on what to check? 😬
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