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  1. I recently purchased a very stock 1978 280Z, with the exception of an aftermarket sound system. I'm reinstalling the original AM/FM radio with the antenna switch. Unfortunately, I just discovered that the car doesn't have the original power antenna. Does anyone have an OEM power antenna, can recommend a source for one, or alternately can recommend an OEM replacement that will work with the manual up/down switch? Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback! I actually don't mind the big bumpers. 😘 I had a 78 many years ago, so I guess they grew on me then. Given the original condition, I'll probably keep it totally stock and try to restore it to a very clean state. I'm unsure about the auto to 5 speed conversion. It makes it more appealing as a driver, but I feel like keeping the auto would retain its collectability factor. I'll probably talk to collectable appraiser about that. Is anyone familiar with the California Datsun 5 speed conversion kit below? https://www.californiadatsun.com/transmission-accessories/datsun-240z-260z-280z-zx-automatic-to-5-speed-transmission-conversion-kit.html
  3. Yes @Zed Head I did! Slimeydime didn't really drive it or do anything to the car since he bought it. I'm going pull the engine and do a major clean-up of all that Ziebart in the engine bay and overspray. And clean-up the engine and all the accessories. I haven't seen the car with my own eyes yet, but it looks amazing for an original 42 year old Z. I was looking for a 5 speed, but couldn't pass this one up.
  4. I just bought this car on BaT and am new to this forum. It's on a train right now coming from Eastern Canada to BC. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-datsun-280z-80 Although I had a 280Z years ago and more recently a couple of 300ZX TTs, I’m not experienced with the S30s or the collector market. To all you classic Z gurus, I’m curious as to what you think of this car – originality (engine, paint, glass, interior, wheels, etc.), condition, issues, needs and what direction I should take with it. Given its largely original state, low miles and overall exceptional condition, I’m surprised that it didn’t bid higher. Obviously the Ziebart in the engine bay, wheel well lips and overspray is an issue, and the aftermarket stereo and speakers. I’m planning to resolve all those items, fix any other issues and do full maintenance. Then will likely keep it for a while. What else should I do – leave original paint or repaint same color, get rid of all the Ziebart or just the offensive stuff already mentioned. And the big question…leave the auto or swap to a period correct 5 speed? Any constructive feedback on all this?
  5. Too funny! So you were asking for these details on his behalf?
  6. Yes, I did get Stefan's 280z on BaT. I also bought the radio he purchased online, but he hadn't installed it yet and I'm not sure it's fully functional. So, I'm also looking for other options.
  7. ea6driver, I'm looking for a KMS-2411Z radio for a 1978 280z that I just purchased. Do you happen to still have and want to sell your radio? I also just messaged you.
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