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    1981 280zx turbo. They were only made in an auto this year so don’t get on my case about it being auto. Found this car under a tarp and the old timer that owned it sold it to me for $200, in hopes to see it back on the road. That’s exactly what I’m going to do
  1. Hello, I’m 17 years old just getting into the game. Please be considerate to this with responses.. I recently bought my first Z, an 81 280zx turbo. Everything is completely original and the car has 49k miles. The old timer I got it off of parked it in 2001, and I am trying to get her back on the road. I drained all the old fuel (basically paint thinner at this point) and ran some 93 through the lines and out from the fuel lines just past the filter. when I tried to use the pump to pump out the old fuel, no fuel pumped out after cranking. I still used this line to siphon the gas out and ran some fresh stuff through. After plugging it back in with some fresh 93 in the tank, I tried starting it for the first time in 19 years. The fan and belts are turning, and the starter is cranking away, but no cigar. This is my first solo project. There doesn’t seem to be any fuel pressure. Do I need a new fuel pump completely? Or just the pump without the sending unit. If so, where would I order this from? Please help! Thank you
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