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  1. Yes, the mechanical fuel pump is still hooked up (new - 1 month ago)
  2. Electric fuel pump is Delphi (part number FD0037), Orientation is horizontal (exact position as the previous one to manufacture's instructions). The order is as follows: "Gas Tank" to "filter" to "electric fuel pump" to "filter" in engine bay to the "carbs".
  3. I agree, didn't think i had to bleed it either but the bubbles are throwing me off. Previous issue which got me replacing the fuel lines and filter was the debris in the tank and filters. Got that cleaned out as much as we could and now the car wont drive without constantly bogging. Seems like a lack of fuel is going to the carbs. The lack of fuel is for sure the issue in the carbs but i cant figure out why fuel isnt filling up the filter and getting to the carbs.
  4. *Pictures updated The filter is in the stock location and mounted straight. 1. The car had an electric fuel filter when i got it. Assumed it needs it so i left it on and replaced it with a new one. 2. Checked and don't see any kinks in the hose. 3. I have to get a pressure regulator to check the pressure. From the electric fuel filters its a lot but when i take the hose off by the engine bay it squirts little then stops then squirts and stops on and off.
  5. Help! I have a 72 240z and the fuel filter in the engine bay is 1/4 full.. under the filter line and wont fill. Just installed a new electric fuel pump and filter, new braided fuel line and a new filter before the mechanical pump but the pressure seems low and it's not filling. As the pump turns on you can see bubbles in the filter (in the engine bay). Question is could there be air in the line? Do i need to bleed a fuel line? Car is hesitating when driving, constantly jerking like its starving for fuel. What could be causing this? Anyone experience this before? Note: Gas tank is half full. Electric fuel pump is 4-7PSI. Got the tank cleaned but not coated (suspect i need to clean it again due to a bit of debris).
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