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  1. I'd like to see it! My plan is to fill it up with fiberglass bondo and then flock the whole thing.
  2. Got the dash out! It was really just the speedo cable left. Thank you so much everyone and especially Cpt. Now that I know how, pulling the dash is really extremely simple!
  3. Ohhh, that looks like it. so probably the only thing holding me from yanking the dash out is this cable for the speedo? I gotta try that. Thank you!
  4. Update: I got the dash this far out. Doesn't seem to be held on by some bolts anymore. Just electrical stuff I guess. @Av8ferg I lifted the dash out of the plate holding onto the steering column @Captain Obvious I tried to reach behind the dash like you said. Seems like I can only reach the tacho, not the speedo. Still don't know how to "unscrew" them out though. Do you mean the cables that's attached directly to the gauges or something else? How do I get them loose? I don't mind either taking dash out with both gauges or taking them off first. I have to take them out to refit them with km/h gauges anyway.
  5. Any tips and tricks on how to remove them?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm in the process of removing the dash to restore it. But seems like I'm stilling missing something. It won't completely come off. I removed: 4x Bolts up top 2x Bolts to "drop" the steering column 4x Bolts connecting the dash to the trans tunnel 2x Bolts holding onto the frame near the doors, one on driver and another on passenger side Some bolts connecting the heater controls to the dash Seems like the passenger side is completely loose, but I feel like the driver side still has some things connected, I'm not sure what though. Doesn't feel like a bolt or something, maybe electrical stuff? Thank you for your help in advance!
  7. I'll keep that in mind, thank you!
  8. I just checked mine and it also has a sloped up rear deck towards the hatch. Since mine is built later than yours, can I assume it's considered a 77 then? For example I'm looking for a carpet set atm and there's a set for 76 and one for 77 on zcardepot.com
  9. Hi all, I need help identifying my 280Z. On all of the documents I got (Bill of Sales, Certificate of Titles etc.) it's stated that it's a 1977 year model (California model if that matters). The plate on the driver side door says 11/76. I stumbled upon this thread talking about the difference of the rear panel of 76 and 77 280Zs. Edit: forgot to put in the link: 280Z differences (Timeline) - Open Discussions - The Classic Zcar Club (classiczcars.com) I checked mine and it has only one slot on the driver side, making it a 1977 model...? Now I don't know which parts I need to order. Those of 76 or from 77. What are other characteristics of 76 or 77 models? Thank you all in advance.
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