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    Barn find 79 280zx that sat for 25 years. Just starting the rebuild.
  1. If all goes to plans, I will be dropping the rear end this weekend to take a look at it. After everything you all have told me, I believe it to be a R200. With that being said my plan was to use a 4 speed 700r4 trans, but this is still early stages of this restoration. I want to make this an automatic, so just looking at options for the rear end.
  2. Thanks for the info, going to find a R200, and go with that.
  3. Thanks for the analogy!! My friend has 4 more 280z at his place, hoping one of them has a 200 rear end.
  4. It's a 180. So what would be the best swap? I have friends saying Ford 9 inch, but not wanting to do a lot of modification if i can help it. Engine will be a 350 with not crazy horse power. We have begun the front end. Would like to keep as much stock as i can.x Thanks again for any help.
  5. Thanks, but having trouble finding info on the vin # on my car. HS130-100882
  6. Me and my son acquired a 1979 280zx from a friend that owns a junk yard. At no cost to me. It sat for 25 years. We will be doing most of the restoration except the body work. The motor and transmission had already been removed. I want to put a 350 under the hood. My question is (I will have plenty more in the future) can the stock rear end handle the 350 motor? I'm not looking for crazy horse power. I'll upload pics as soon as i get them on the computer. Thanks for any help.
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