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  1. I couldn’t find this via a search so I thought I would share my findings the thread size for the fitting that leaves the turbo oil t-block (originally hardline to the turbo) is: m12x1.0 I used a m12x1.0 to -4an adapter and works perfect for my turbo oil feed line. cheers!
  2. Thank you for that! I also got help from member on the Facebook group, Church of the L series also mentioned that it was a Datsun specific plug. I’m going to copy what he said if someone else needs this info, thanks again! Riley LynchburgNissan: “These were not an existing industry standard type of connector that Nissan adopted. It was apparently a Datsun design, and was unique to the 74 Datsuns. In 75, they switched to a plastic Japanese standard connector called the Yazaki YPC. Those can still be found in 2 to 8 pin configs except for the funky one on the headlights. But the rubber ones are a no-go. I have been looking for them for many years with no success.”
  3. Does anyone know the proper name for the connectors used on the z(e.g. weatherpak, Deutsch, packard 56,etc)? I am looking to see if they are still produced as I don’t want used connectors nor donI want to change. Thanks in advance!
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