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  1. Yes. I even replaced it with a new temp sensor. The car runs and leans out with it not connected. Same behavior when it is connected. After wiring up the potentiometer changing the dial seems to do nothing.
  2. The fuel tweak didn't help. In fact nothing changed. I can completely disconnect the temp sensor and the car still idles the same
  3. I did the oil cap test and the idle didn't change as far as I can tell. However it runs like such garbage it's hard to tell at all. I did the yogurt cup vacuum test and it passed. I don't see how I could have a vacuum leak but the oil cap removed didn't make a difference.
  4. Would replacing the temp sensor fix this? Or would I still need to do the tweak?
  5. Mine is a 78. The EGR is on the intake but the car has headers. So its not connected to anything....
  6. Ive been having trouble with my 280z. My last Z was a 72 240z so fuel injection was pretty new to me when I started working on this. Ive been slowly learning the nuances to the L Jet system. The problem was a bad idle and not staying runnning. Old owner said it had bad gas in it so I dropped the tank and looked in and there was an inch of sludge. I rinsed all the sludge out of the tank and treated it for rust. Tank was perfectly clean when I put it back in. I also put in a new fuel filter, fuel pump, and just to be safe I swapped out the injectors and rail for the fuel rail and injectors from a running car. I also blew out the lines. Car still ran like crap. I got a fuel pressure gauge hooked up and my pressure is around 30psi to 28psi. Ive replaced the AFM as well. Car starts and idles around 1600. Idle drops after around a minute to 1k. Sometimes it holds sometimes it drops to 800 and gets really rough and dies. I drove it down the road once and under load it stutters hard and I hear a pop from the intake. After checking my plugs they are white. So my best guess is im leaning out somehow. Ive checked for vacuum leaks and couldnt find any. Any help is appreciated thanks
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