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  1. Yeah I’m not great at tuning the carbs. I’m newer to working on cars so I’m not sure if maybe the carbs are not running effectively. I don’t really like taking the car in to the shop unless I can’t figure something out. It hardly backfires and starts up and idles around 700rpms. It just doesn’t have any power once I hit fourth gear or when going up hills. I’ll try to run it rich and see if that gives me anymore power. Maybe I’m running it to lean.
  2. Thank for the tips. I will try to write some results down. It’s the original L26. The exhaust has been swapped out. I swapped out the exhaust because the one it came with was pieced together. The compression was 165 +/-2 on all. The advance works. The time was set to 8 degrees. I’ll be checking the valve lash since I have not done that. Checked for vacuum leaks on the carbs and didn’t find any.
  3. Hello my name is Jaime and I just got a 74’ 260z that I’ve been working on. The car is for the most part stock except for the exhaust and carbs (dual Weber’s 32/36). I’ve had the same issue with the car since I bought it and don’t really know where to look anymore. The car does not seem to have any power when trying to accelerate rapidly and sounds like it’s bogging going up hill or when the engine has any load. The car also has a slight hesitation on takeoff. The car idles well and can get up in rpms when in neutral but on the road in gear is a different story especial in fourth gear. I’ve rebuilt the carbs, replace both fuel pumps, cleaned the gas filters, installed a fuel regulator to get the fuel pressure I needed and still the car doesn’t have the power it should. The engines compression has been checked and is good, spark plugs have been changed, timing has been adjusted. I rebuilt the carbs myself and am maybe leaning towards the carbs being the issue or could this be a fuel delivery issue? I would really appreciate any help. This is my first project car and I feel like I have used up all the knowledge I have.
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