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  1. WOW!!! great work! That looks really good. What year is your Z? I am in a 1978 280z. Based on your pics, our colors looks very similar. They might be the same. I think the color they created for you is spot on. I actually want to paint my center console and dash. Do you know if the paint mixture they made up is strong enough to paint areas that are frequently used? How has it held up since you painted it? thanks
  2. Namerow, by any chance can you post pics of the parts of the interior you painted? GWri8, same request, if you dont mind sharing, I would love to see the work you did and the color. thanks
  3. thanks, it looks like they offer type a and b in both magnesium and aluminun.
  4. WOW THANK YOU! I would really be interested in seeing your project. before, after or anything in between
  5. Hello, does anyone have specific knowledge regarding the specific difference between, Type A, Type B, and F8's are? While I like the history of Wat's and general statements like, "its a different type of offset" im looking for more specific information. I have seen several wheels that have been painted over and the factory markings have been lost over time or possibly sanded away in previous restorations. Please advise what the difference is between the wheels. We can leave out type R and type RS, as these are obviously different looking from the other wheels (in my opinion) with gratitude, Izzy
  6. Thank, this is an excellent suggestion which I will be moving forward with. I'll post pics upon completion.
  7. I want to vinyl paint my dash pad, glove box door, and center console interior of my 1978 280z the same brown, burnt orange, ginger color that the door cards, seats and rear panels currently are. Has anyone tried this? I dont want to reupholster. I am planning on doing it myself. I have looked at SEM Vinyl paint and there is a color code 15033 Saddle Tan that kinda looks similar. Anyone have a spot on color code or name? I have attached pics of my interior for referrence. with gratitude, @insta_datsun
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