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  1. I have a 1986 300zx turbo in near mint condition. A jerk backed into me and I'm having to deal with insurance. They are wanting to give me almost nothing for it, saying they can't find any sales of 86 300zx turbos, thus comparing it to A- 300zx non turbo standard issue, and B 300zx non turbo 2+2, also standard issue. Mine has full electronics including dash (the electronic equipment package) $1250.00 in 86, and (full leather package) $1100.00in 86. My mom said to go to court, but that's hard with no prices of other loaded 86 300zx turbos. Do any of you have an idea where I can find information. I'm kinda desperate. I want to keep it, it's my dream car, but I'm just a high school senior. Any help would be greatly appreciate. John.