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  1. Ended up just being broken circuit boards behind the guage clasters. They're all working now!
  2. Tried it again and now I have 12v at that fuse. Not sure why it didn't read the first time....
  3. Thank you! Downloading it now. No power at the fuse box for that particular fuse. Would that indicate a fusible link is the culprit?
  4. Hi there. New to the forum. Got a 1980 280zx a few months ago and I'm trying to sort out some dash issues. The only guage that works is the speedometer. Fuel, tach, temp, oil, voltage, and the clock all do not work. No dash lights either. I've checked my fuses in the passenger footwell and I've cleaned the battery and chassis ground. Any advice on what to try next and/or if these problems are related?
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