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  1. Thanks to all of you for your great ideas! I’ll trace the wiring back, and also fix the connections that have melted.
  2. Hello, I’m just a novice gear head and learning as I go. I have an early series 1970 240Z and I think the ignition switch is not working. The pic show the switch which has one tab which I circled. The tab fits nicely in a slot in the ignition housing with a screw. However, replacements have two tabs. Do I buy one and file off a tab? Does it matter? Thank you in advance.
  3. Yes, I think you’re right! I have no condenser and instead have the two wires which connect to the electronic ignition chip. Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you for your insight!
  5. Well, I learned a valuable lesson…I don’t have the FSM; and so I will download a copy and do better research. I’m embarrassed….
  6. Yes, it’s page 40, Fig 2.8. I can’t find it on carpartsmanual.com. Also, my Z had electronic ignition when I bought it. Thank you again.
  7. …and it’s a black wire. Thanks
  8. I have a manual transmission. The wire is hot when the ignition is on. I don’t have a condenser on the distributor; and closest condenser is on the ignition coil. Thank you again.
  9. Hello, I’m a novice and learning as I go on my 1970 240z. This pic shows a wire attached to the water temp thermal transmitter; but I cannot identify the other unused wire…FSM indicates it could be the water temp switch? There are no other obvious connections in that area. Thank you, Mike
  10. DedZed

    Splash pan?

    Ok thank you very much.
  11. DedZed

    Splash pan?

    Hi, I have an early series 1970 240Z. I was recently told that this car was originally sold without a stock splash pan. Is that correct for the series 1? Thank you.
  12. So I’m a novice gear head...I replaced the oil sump pan gasket and the previous owner(s) stripped several of the bolts holding the pan to the block. The bolts are M6-1. What method would you recommend to repair? I think coil inserts would work and I could keep the original M6 bolts and torque specs. Tang or no tang? Thank you. 240Z 1970 early series.
  13. Yes, that's it! It's on the spray bar by the timing chain, and the cam looks ok. Do I take apart the bar and fit it back in? Or get a new spray bar? Thanks again.
  14. I'm new to mechanics and Z's and learning as I go: I have an oil leak on my 7/70 240z, so I removed the oil pump and dropped the oil pan. Laying in the front of the pan was this metal tube and I cannot find it's source. I think it's hollow and has two very small holes along it's shaft; and one end looks like it was brazed. I think it's use is for spraying oil? Is it part of the windage tray? Thank you.
  15. Hello, I am new to Z's and this forum. I have a 240Z build date 7/70. Is this dash, or dash plus frame, or just frame interchangeable with other dashs from 70 to 73? I've tried searching for this answer without success. Thank you very much. Mike
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