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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. I have a feeling the hard part will be convincing the owner that it's worth about half of what he's selling it for. I did some more looking around today and didn't find much suitable in my area, so at the moment I'm still interested in the one posted. At which point should I just cut my losses and move on? Would it be a good deal at $7000, and if I can't get it to that much should I just move on and look at different options (such as shipping one as someone mentioned)? Thanks again
  2. Hey everyone! I'm brand new to the forums and have been looking around for the past year or so to get into the Z car community by finding a good project car. I found this one on consignment at a dealer about an hour and a half away from me and took a trip over to take some pictures and document it as well as possible. Unfortunately, the dealer didn't have time to get it on the lift to get good pictures of the underbody. The car has around 56k miles on what should be the original engine and transmission, but the dealer is also including a free 5-speed with the car. The owner is asking $14k for
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