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  1. When we first started the project we dropped the tank, cleaned and coated the inside (don't remember with what, but it's read and rubber like). I had an inline filter after the tank, but removed it when we were struggling to get the fuel pressure up to norm. When I removed it, there was some debris in it, which I was kind of surprised by given the work we did on the tank. I was hopeful that the filter had caught anything we didn't catch relining, but maybe not. What's the best way to check for this? I can put an inline filter in again. I can replace the regular fuel filter. Other things to do/check?
  2. I'll look at the fan and controller and see if I can find anything. Thanks for the direction.
  3. Okay. Not sure what happened. Before going on the test drive, everything was running really well. Had the idle around 800. Timing looked good. Ran smooth. Now, idle is low, timing is delayed (I can just get it to 0 but run out of room to turn the distributor). Running really rough. Doesn't sound good. I have no clue what changed, but I'm at a bit of a loss. I did verify that the temperature gauge in the car is working. Temp will go up to ~150 before the after market fan turns on. It'll reduce to around ~140 before it turns off. Tested with a thermometer in the radiator with the cap off. Gauge in car matched temp seen. Seems like it's running cool. I don't know how to change that.
  4. Good news is that I didn't get pulled over. Drove 10+ miles getting gas and just enjoying having it out of the garage. Car felt like it was running pretty well most of the drive, till the very end. After coming to a stop to pull into our neighborhood, the car didn't respond well finishing into home. As I'd give it a bit of gas it would sputter, then catch when I gave more. After letting it cool down, here's what the spark plugs look like. Also, don't think my temp gauge is working correctly, as it said I never went over 120 for the entire trip... Another thing to check. Just put in a brand new temp gauge sensor, but may need to check it more now.
  5. Installed the carbon canister today. Two of the four mounting bolts were stripped out completely, so will need to figure that out one day. @Dave WM, I'll try to test the vacuum tomorrow. Everything was running fine after install and hooking everything up, so I'm taking that as a good sign. I found a good timing light on craigslist and picked up last week. Finally got around to using it today. It has RPM as well, so was able to adjust that too. Timing was at 0 initially. I adjusted to 10 degrees, which bumped the rpms up. With a few adjustments I'm at 10 degrees and rpms are around 800 (ish). Sounds better than it did before. Tomorrow, I'm going to swap the spark plugs out for the new and take it out to drive a bit (though my temp tag just expired... will need to be a bit careful of where I go...). See how the plugs look after an initial drive. I pulled one of the ones in now, which don't have much driving on them and they're very black.
  6. They messed with almost everything, including the vacuum lines. Sure makes this an adventure. So dashpot does not go to vacuum. In that case, one end of the 3-way goes to the throttle chamber. One to the charcoal canister. What does the third end go to? I think it says to the distributor in the diagram in the EFI manual, but then has a not that it would be for automatic transmissions only. Since this is a manual, does it even need a 3-way? Or does the charcoal canister just go straight to the throttle chamber?
  7. I now have a carbon/charcoal canister and it looks good. Looking at where it hooks up to, I see where the purge line goes to but the other line shows going to a 3-way connector. I don't have a 3 way connector. I have line directly connecting the dashpot to the bottom of the throttle chamber. Should I just add a 3 way connector in the middle of that? It's difficult to see exactly in the diagrams.
  8. Thanks Dave. The 5s in it now are super dirty already, so might as well replace with 6s for testing.
  9. Okay, thought I'd do something easy and get some new spark plugs. Then started reading and got myself confused. Car currently has NGK BPR5ES. But a lot of what I'm reading shows people going with a 6 (BPR6ES or BPR6ES-11 or even other variants). Is there a preferred spark plug for a 78 280z?
  10. Thanks everyone. I have a charcoal canister on the way. Believe it's the three nipple, but will see when it gets here and dig into how to get it all connected. This info is all great. Also have found a timing light to use, so hopefully have that soon to test timing. Ordering some new spark plugs as well to do that testing. Progress.
  11. I've been looking for a charcoal canister and haven't been having much luck. Can I use a 280zx charcoal canister instead of the 280z? It's still 3 nipple, so I'm assuming it would work fine. But didn't want to spend money before making sure.
  12. Progress. Parts arrived and my son helped me with a bit of work. I went ahead and ordered a new temperature sensor and temperature gauge sensor. We installed both, then created a new harness and hooked up the wiring harness to the temperature sensor. I cut off the connectors that were on the temp gauge wires, put a new bullet connector on the yellow wire and hooked that up to the temp gauge sensor. We testing continuity of the temp sensor at the ECU (looks good) and tested the temperature gauge by grounding the yellow wire (looks good). After hooking everything up, the car started up and seems to be running better than it did before. That makes me happy. Seems to be using the temp sensor now and the temp gauge is working correctly. My next question: what's next? How do I judge how it's running (other than going back to emissions)? What do I work through next to make sure it's getting better? And a big thank you to everyone here. This sure can get frustrating, but your support has made a huge difference.
  13. Thanks @superlen, I appreciate the support.I must admit that I get frustrated at times and if it was easy to just pay someone to fix everything I'd be tempted. But my son and I keep working, with all the great help we've been getting here. Thanks also for the offer of the harness. I'm planning on just building one up. But do have a question. Do you know what size bullet connectors are used on the 280z? I need to get some and there are a lot of sizes. Not sure which is correct.
  14. That's perfect. Traced it out and the temp and thermotime branch is what's in the picture above. Wasn't hooked up to anything. I'll get a bullet connector tool and a plug and make a new harness for the temperature sensor. Going to ignore the thermotime at this point since I don't have a cold start. Also, you're right. There is no Air Regulator at all. That's all missing.
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