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  1. Just FYI, I ended up purchasing this car for $4600 plus fees and having it shipped to VA. It has been an absolute nightmare ever since, lol. The rear hatch was rusted shut, and obviously, once I got it opened it revealed a totally rusted and destroyed rear sill part of the plate holder under neath. The rear deck and spare tire was in good shape but that was about where it stopped. The floors were rusted through, as expected, but the roof and roof pillars were all internally rusted, the rocker panels were all shot, someone did kind of a hack job putting a speaker box and amplifier in, and all in all it was pretty much a giant waste of money. Welp, lessons learned, looking for a better shell I can possible used the few parts that aren't garbage to get a start on. And btw I found the original sales article and evidently the turbo was from a Cessna (yep like the plane). Here are the things they DON'T show you in the Copart ad:
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