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  1. LOL, that you did Captain, that you did. It's going to be a learning process and a test of patience but it will go back together! Here's a general question. I'd gone some searching and their seem to be as many answers as there are people, but what are the opinions on the process of going about this. My plan is 1) Media Blast 2) Epoxy primer 4) Rust repair and at some point in there I need to fix the oil canning in the roof. I'm holding a bit till the humidity and weather drops around here, but i'll have to act fast before it gets below freezing. Thoughts?
  2. A rust free body has eluded me yet again. However this time I'm just going to have to dive in a start to work on it. It seems that under a crappy paint job there is some rust on the interior door jam/a pillar section. It looks like there are two layers of sheet metal there so this should be an interesting adventure. I'm going to get some interior pictures this weekend and will update as things go forward.
  3. Lots of good info from the VSCDA race up at Road America this past weekend. Now time to to get back to the Z this week. This is just a few there were A LOT of Z cars out there this past weekend.
  4. Well inspiration will be abound as I head up to Road America for the weekend to check out the Vintage races. Then back with project updates and some race pictures next week.
  5. @grannyknot the Laine family page has is also a go to for me to setup the engine and transmission, that is such a gorgeous build. Planning on using the Apex Engineered suspension setup as well as I LOVE the look of the cantilever rear shocks in the back. I think that paired with the AGI roll cage (at least a copy of one made Stateside so I don't pay shipping from AUS) is going to be a kill combo. BUT I get ahead of myself, still have a lot of disassembly and some rust repair to start with :)
  6. Well after purchasing a 71 240Z off Copart and basically receiving a polished turd due to all the internal frame rust issues, I did some searching and found a local early model 260 I will be able to start my 302 project swap on. Someone started this and made an attempt at patching the floor and sealed some things up, but I'm thinking it might be best to just replace the whole floor than to trust the segments of lap welds. The project is influence by @Home Built by Jeff and RWB Jeff, as well as many others and I can't wait to dive both feet into it. More to come as I get the old car out of the garage and the new one in, but I guess at least I have a parts car now 🙂
  7. Where would be the best place to post this if I want to sell the remains? I pulled fender and interior out, but the engine transmission, rear end, suspension and bolt in roll cage, plus some decent rear quarters remain?
  8. LOL, with the amount of internal frame rust damage I keep finding you more likely to see it at the local VA metal salvage once I'm done pulling anything useable off of it. Sad to say at this point it's probably work more as scrap metal than it is as an automobile. 😥
  9. Just a quick follow up for anyone interested. The turbo actually IS an aircraft turbo, it's a Rayjay turbo for a Cessna, I'll have to go back and get the actual part number, but mystery solved.
  10. Yeah not going to lie, it was pretty disheartening paying that plus having it shipped across the country to find it is basically has to go to the junk yard. I can take some pictures of the turbo if anyone is interested in more details about it. Going to have to wait a bit to try and gather more cash to try again, hopefully better informed and with more luck this time.
  11. Just FYI, I ended up purchasing this car for $4600 plus fees and having it shipped to VA. It has been an absolute nightmare ever since, lol. The rear hatch was rusted shut, and obviously, once I got it opened it revealed a totally rusted and destroyed rear sill part of the plate holder under neath. The rear deck and spare tire was in good shape but that was about where it stopped. The floors were rusted through, as expected, but the roof and roof pillars were all internally rusted, the rocker panels were all shot, someone did kind of a hack job putting a speaker box and amplifier in, and all in all it was pretty much a giant waste of money. Welp, lessons learned, looking for a better shell I can possible used the few parts that aren't garbage to get a start on. And btw I found the original sales article and evidently the turbo was from a Cessna (yep like the plane). Here are the things they DON'T show you in the Copart ad:
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