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  1. Sweet I'll block off any holes I see and listen for a leak, thank you ?
  2. Goes to around 1100-1200 when it warms up, not sure what to do to drop it another 400 do I adjust the left and right carb idle screws?
  3. Awesome it's down to 1500 way better than 4k! What should they idle at 800s?
  4. That piece has a screw plugging it so ima say not but when I get everything back on and start it I'll let you know
  5. Sorry late reply, gonna go pull them off and adjust the butterfly and flip the spacer blocks I'll post some before pics of the carbs before I took them off
  6. Sorry late reply, gonna go pull them off and adjust the butterfly and flip the spacer blocks I'll post some before pics of the carbs before I took them off
  7. No sir but originally I didnt have the choke wires hooked up and it still did it before
  8. Alright I'll do that tomorrow after work and post back the result if it fixes the problem ? thank you
  9. Looks kinda ghetto didnt put heat shield back on so I couldnt pin the springs down so I just wrapped one around to pin them back...
  10. I've got the return springs on so not that...
  11. In taking a microfiber and covering the entrance into the carb where you can see the piston and only letting it suck in a minimal amount of air, doing this is allowing it to idle pretty low, as soon as a I uncover the piston it skyrockets again if that makes sense I'm pretty new to this and these su carbs confuse the crap outta me...
  12. 70' 240z had su round tops and I got the rebuilt ones from a seller on Facebook, same su roundtops ran okay before but piston kept sticking and they were super old so I figured I'd just slap a freshened up set on car is completely stock 2.4l
  13. Just recently purchased "rebuilt carbs" and slapped them on got everything hooked up besides the gas pedal, everytime I start my car it rocketed upto 4000+ rpms and I shut it off... i made sure the butterflys were completely closed and it still does it, if I starve the carbs of air I can get it to idle pretty low but cant seem to change the idle otherwise using the mixing screws or idle adjuster screws... any ideas what maybe causing this?
  14. Everytime I lift the piston on one carb it gets stuck about an inch up and the only way to get it to come back down is to pull the nozzle down an Inch down? Any ideas
  15. No problem, good luck with finding a car! Post a pic when you do!
  16. A what looks to be very nice 240z was posted 4 hours away from you, if you're trying to make a weekend trip https://www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/57761767
  17. Yes sir, 240260 is gonna help me with with that one sometime! Thank you!
  18. I'll definitely pick those up, messaged him thank you! He suggested scotch bright, just used that hopefully its okay? Not too positive Haha I'm just gonna buy the ones 240 is selling ?
  19. Alright I'll get on that when I get back again haha
  20. Alright so I drained the fuel cleaned the spark plugs and started it, got a horrible back fire and dies when given throttle, I tried turning up the fuel and it didnt seem to help? Out of curiosity when the needle goes lower that is more fuel correct?
  21. Awesome I'll give it a shot still gonna run a quick sand on the nozzles and carb cleaner plus I need to change the oil, still have a ton of fuel in it! Appreciate the help I'll get back to you tonight or sometime tomorrow ?
  22. Not sure 3 turns was enough looks pretty short here's some photos, these nozzles seen a bit different than my other ones
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