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  1. Everytime I lift the piston on one carb it gets stuck about an inch up and the only way to get it to come back down is to pull the nozzle down an Inch down? Any ideas
  2. No problem, good luck with finding a car! Post a pic when you do!
  3. A what looks to be very nice 240z was posted 4 hours away from you, if you're trying to make a weekend trip https://www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/57761767
  4. Yes sir, 240260 is gonna help me with with that one sometime! Thank you!
  5. I'll definitely pick those up, messaged him thank you! He suggested scotch bright, just used that hopefully its okay? Not too positive Haha I'm just gonna buy the ones 240 is selling 👌
  6. Alright I'll get on that when I get back again haha
  7. Alright so I drained the fuel cleaned the spark plugs and started it, got a horrible back fire and dies when given throttle, I tried turning up the fuel and it didnt seem to help? Out of curiosity when the needle goes lower that is more fuel correct?
  8. Awesome I'll give it a shot still gonna run a quick sand on the nozzles and carb cleaner plus I need to change the oil, still have a ton of fuel in it! Appreciate the help I'll get back to you tonight or sometime tomorrow 👌
  9. Not sure 3 turns was enough looks pretty short here's some photos, these nozzles seen a bit different than my other ones
  10. Is there a specific height recommended?
  11. The front carb has a pop to it and the rear carb doesnt, but the front 3 cylinders are the ones running super lean? I pulled the nozzles and will post a pic of them, I noticed the rear carb needle sits a but lower than the front needle?
  12. Perfect I'll get back to you guys in awhile letting you know what's up! (Like 6 hours from now) thanks again everyone!
  13. Alright I'll try 240260 suggestions first and if that doesnt work I'll probably just look into a rebuild kit, I just recently picked up this 240 but it didnt happen until after I took it for a drive, after that all hell broke loose lol! After work I'll get on it, thanks guys!
  14. Also sorry I've never really worked on su carbs only done what I've read online, so if this sounds kind of dumb my apologies.
  15. So I've been fouling spark plugs, my oil smells like gas and I cant figure out the issue... I noticed cylinder 4 5 6 run way richer than 1 2 3 and I turn the fuel down a bit (both run rich) fouling all 6 after about 20 mins of idle I sand blast the plugs and repeat 2 more times and decide to change the oil and no good. I know the carbs are a bit old so I was on my other su carbs that are I'm a lot better shape and now its flipped cylinder 1 2 3 are running super rich and 4 5 6 super lean so I turn down the fuel on the one carb and repeat multiple times but no matter what within minutes they foul it's like the fuel isn't going down at all when I use the fuel adjuster nut... any ideas?
  16. Perfect thanks man, I'll give them a call tomorrow!
  17. I'm wondering if anyone knows any sites with (905) monte carlo red or something similar that matches pretty good? I have some rust bubbles I need to sand down and fix up, I can't find anything:/
  18. Yeah gonna put some por 15 under the cover and all the plastic is in good condition, luckily I have 2nd set if plastic just incase 👌
  19. Ended up drilling them all out haha, thanks for the tips though, good amount of rust hidden under that 😨
  20. Yeah I'm pushing the small center and it wont pop through, tried light hammering and wont work I'll try to get a chisel and break them, I tried drilling them out with a tiny drill bit but getting a little dangerous for the hatch lol
  21. Any tips on removing these, they will not push through so I cant pull it off...
  22. Just picked up #6106, repaint wasnt the best, a decent amount of paint/rust bubbles but interior is in good shape, pretty much new everything on 95/96 original motor got scrapped had over 95k miles in 78 😯 the owner sure did love this car.
  23. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-93/ not mine